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THE PARTY OF COMMONS PREAMBLE, originally written on 11/23/06 (condensed and re-printed from the original Party of Commons Blog).

The Party of Commons starts with plain speak and, generally speaking, no more coasting down the middle that bows to conventional wisdom, which often turns out to be anything but wise. If our new political party accomplishes nothing except letting people know exactly where we stand, then at least it is an improvement over the status quo. Compromise is important in a democratic republic, but not everything good derives from compromise; sometimes a political party has to stand on principle no matter what.

Our party is basically economically progressive, culturally traditional, and (non-interventionist). In common political terminology, we will veer to the left or the right depending on the particular issue, and we will take the middle course when compromise is necessary, but we will not coast down the middle for the sake of convenience or (appeasement).

We are a …