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Blog News LXII

There's an old saying: if it's not broke, don't fix it. That could go for a lot of things, in politics (where the political Establishment/Machine has broken the public trust) and otherwise.  Mark will be publishing his public speeches on one of our other blogs, and we will be posting an update on this post to announce which one.  We need more signatures on Mark's lieutenant governor petition, please e-mail us, and ask for a petition page to get anywhere from 2 - 10 signatures.

[revised on 2/12/12]

The Lieutenant Governor has only one official duty and that is to preside over the State Senate, therefore Mark will study the Robert's Rules of Order. If elected, in unofficial duties, Mark will concentrate on emergency management in a state that is susceptible to earthquakes, and one having the Hanford nuclear waste debacle on its hands, and one nuclear power plant. We must learn from the Japan crisis earlier this year, and begin to phase out nuclear energy altogether an…