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Democrats Gradually Becoming Sole Interventionist Party

At least in the Republican Party, thanks to Rand Paul and other relative G.O.P. newcomers in Congress, there is at least a debate about whether the U.S. should continue its interventionist role in the world, with Paul and his comrades taking the anti-interventionist side.  The Democratic Party, however, for all the talk of them being the peacenik party, is anything but, with Bill Clinton invading both Serbia and Iraq during his presidential tenure, and Barack Obama doing nothing much different than the hawkish George W. Bush would have done in a hypothetical third term.  In fact, Obama may be even more interventionist than Bush, considering his large build-up in Afghanistan (against the advice of his vice-president), his big invasion of Libya, and smaller invasions of various countries in Southwest Asia and Africa, and now thinking about getting involved in Syria and Iran.  Democrats in Congress generally support Obama's interventionism and dubious drone policies.  The present Re…