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De Facto Speaker

Eric Cantor, apparently, is the de facto Speaker of the House of Representatives, although he is actually the majority leader of the Republicans in the House. He leads the pack of extremists that wants to cut every program that helps the poor, and quite a few for the middle class; in other words, break the New Deal & the Great Society while not even so much as wanting to raise revenue by cutting or eliminating mortgage deductions for vacation homes, let alone letting the Bush II tax breaks for billionaires and millionaires expire. A lot of these extremists strut like Christians, believe it or not, while at the same time they are in the process of effectively snatching infant formula from many mothers with babies. Cantor, who wants to be the real Speaker someday, thinks it's good politics for the House not to raise the debt limit and cause an economic catastrophe, which he thinks would be blamed on President Obama, who by the way has agreed to most of the spending cuts that t…

Balanced Budget Nonsense

Mitch McConnell, the senator from Kentucky and Senate minority leader who sees his main job as doing the bidding of the ultra-rich, had the audacity to say that elections don't work, so he wants a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, which would require a two-thirds vote of the Congress to raise taxes on his super-rich friends, which would effectively ensure that raising sufficient revenue for the treasury would be next to impossible (especially since "Pax Americana" budget expenditures are practically impregnable), and therefore New Deal and Great Society programs would wither on the vine, programs that generally benefit the middle class and poor; as if his friends somehow don't have the same obligation as everybody else to pay their fair share of taxes and contribute to the greater national domain that they have so greatly benefitted from.

McConnell's nonsense about balanced budgets, which by the way have been either rare or nonexistent in American h…

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Not that many voters are aware of it, due to the negligence of a partisan, ideologically controlled news media, but there is an election for King County Director of Elections in November, 2011. The news blockade about the position that runs the elections department is just another piece of the puzzle about a media that is more concerned about controlling events than merely reporting the story. Objective journalism in the United States has become the purview of a handful of newspapers, blogs, radio stations and others, but being a part of the establishment-run apparatus that works primarily for the benefit of big business is the ma…