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Class in America

A member of the Tennessee Legislature, Stacy Campfield, has actually proposed a bill to confiscate large or fairly large lottery winnings from the poor who receive government assistance, because he doesn't think they should be playing the lottery. Confiscating from the poor what is now legally entitled money in Tennessee is the definition of fascism. Campfield, speaking on the Ron Reagan Show, a radio program, implied that playing the lottery is bad. Since Campfield is on the government payroll, we wonder what "vices" that he has in which, maybe, a similar bill might be proposed. Of course, we don't think nothing of the sort should come to light whether it relates to the rich, poor or in between. We hope the people of Knoxville, Tennessee (where Campfield's district is) will reject this government intrusion into the lives of the poor, who shouldn't be told how to spend their money, when it is time for Campfield's re-election.

Meanwhile, President Obama to…

Chairman Has Joined Ranks of the Multitudes Facing Austere Economic Times

The chairman of the Party of Commons, Mark Greene, who for most of his life has usually been more concerned about helping to bring about traditionally progressive policies for our nation than about making money, ever since he was a politically active kid, has recently joined the ranks of the multitudes of Americans who are facing austere economic times. Unfortunately, the Obama administration's coddling of failed banks and investment firms may not lead the country to the progressive economic correction that is necessary to bring a positive economic turn around any time soon.

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The chairman is no different t…

Vote Out Fascism

With the economic recession causing widespread unemployment across our nation, many Americans are turning to government programs for economic assistance, which they rightfully should do, not the least because these same citizens have contributed to the growth and welfare of America throughout their lifetimes. There is no shame in turning to the government for help despite that many fortunate folks would like others to feel exactly that, and you can be sure that many of these same critics may in turn be applying for assistance some day themselves. Not many of them will be turning down social security income when they come of age.

The poor and the down-and-out have unfortunately always been despised and discriminated against, and now a new wave of fascism is brewing that intends to make this bad situation even worse. Laws are coming out across America that mandate that those collecting unemployment compensation, food stamps, or other types of financial aid from the government be subject…

The Brewing Arms Race

With the stupid Clinton and Bush II policies of N.A.T.O. expansionism and their general adolescent tweaking of Russia, and the globalization pacts that have led to increasingly stronger militaries around the world, an international arms race is brewing even in the midst of the global depression. This is very bad news for people who wish for a sane planet. Why on earth has our nation been upsetting Russia by encircling them with NATO forces and bases? This is a stupid policy, and as a result, Russia is strengthening their nuclear armament capabilities, both tactical and strategic, which will lead to a new arms race where once we were making progress with START, otherwise known as the strategic arms reduction treaties. What is the point of expanding NATO? There doesn't seem to be a good reason other than to agitate Russia and thereby stoke an arms race, which would further enrich the already rich military industrial complex, and also put the doomsday clock at a little closer to…