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Mail Ballot Decentralization

Hello Voters and Supporters,

I have spent so much time writing about the non-administrative aspects regarding the director of elections election, that I have spent too little time writing about actual election administration process. So I am proposing the overhaul of the way ballots are handled at Elections. With the way the system is now, in a big county like King, a million ballots, for example, are thrown together with complicated codes and variances, and put through a mistake-prone system, including machines originally from a controversial company, and otherwise processed in a way that makes human and machine error virtually a certainty. This centralized system will be replaced if I am elected. I will implement a system of de-centralization in which there will be 250 divisions, with each division containing around 10 precincts, and thereby being responsible for the tabulation of 1/250 of the ballots that the present system accounts for in a single centralized system. The totals f…

Big Brother Press

I and my fledgling party consider participating in elections as a fundamental right for political parties in a democracy, and I/we don't depend on the corporate media, nor their on-line/so-called alternative press sycophants, for respect. Respect comes from people encouraging me/us, signing my/our petitions, or from those who have voted for me in a past election or intending to vote for me/us in a future one. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that I shy away from pointing out the inequities and biases from the Big Brother Press, if only to show how big the scale of corruption is in today's political class, including those that enable them.

So it's not exactly news that the corporate news media and their sycophants only tell us news that they think we need to know, even if what they think we don't need to know is something earth-shakenly important, like whether or not our much heralded democracy is functioning well, and incidentally, this latter point is one of the …