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Updated and revised on February 25, 2013

New post on Country.

Commoner will be putting Senator Rand Paul's (from Kentucky) website on Commons's Favorite Sites.  Imagine, a professional American politician who actually worries about the lives of innocents overseas and is concerned about upholding all of the Bill of Rights.  We like Rand Paul even though not caring for his economic policies, by and large.

The Oscars: Crude, Creepy and Vulgar: it was only a few months ago that Commoner wrote "Hollywood: a Nation's Scourge" and then they proceeded to prove us right with a despicable host for their Oscars last night (Feb. 24, 2013), Seth MacFarlane, who made crude jokes about women, Abraham Lincoln and poor people.  He's not a comedian, just another vulgarunentertainer, and they're a dime-a-dozen. 
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