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Who Is Going to Sanction Home-Grown Election Manipulators?

The Obama regime, in a snit because their candidate, Hillary Clinton, did not win the presidential election, is pretty much blaming Russia for her loss, and is now placing sanctions on the huge European/Asian nation.  Russia is being blamed for hacking e-mails from Clintonistas & Democratic Party officials, and orchestrating other schemes that affected the national election.  Nevertheless, the Obama Regime Justice Department, taking the baton from the George W. Bush Regime Justice Department, has not lifted one finger in trying to figure out who is responsible for actually manipulating official election numbers in past American elections (including Congressional elections and the 2004 Presidential Election), in other words, actually changing the vote count to switch the outcome of elections, something quite more serious than disclosing private e-mails or even sending out fake news, the latter being something that the conventional news media has been doing for centuries, but now al…

Dave Chappelle's Monologue: Doubtful or Just Outright Lie?

Some people can say almost anything, and get away with it because they have a certain status, like being a celebrity on "Saturday Night Live."  Chappelle mentioned the educator Booker T. Washington's visit to the White House when Theodore Roosevelt was president.  Chappelle said that after Roosevelt received all kinds of flak for having Washington in the White House, he used a familiar racially derogatory term to refer to the famous black educator/activist.  This after Roosevelt and his family just had dinner with Washington in the White House.  Where did Chappelle get this from?  Which if false, is essentially defaming the late President Roosevelt.  I think it's false.  In all the books that I have read about this event that happened in the early 1900s, I have never read one account of Roosevelt referring to Washington like that.  Like I said, some people like Dave Chappelle can say just about anything, but it doesn't make it true.

Also: our "Theodore Rex po…

Baiters Versus President-Elect Trump

Professional race ideologues see everything through the prism of race, and many of them are already harping and carping about our new president-elect, Donald Trump, unwilling to give President-elect Trump a chance, a little more than two months away before he takes the oath of office.  These are the same race ideologues, mostly minority, that made the decision to use divisive, exclusive slogans for police reform, notwithstanding that a broad cross-section of people, white and black, may have concerns regarding that as well.  The same self-obsessed ideologues that only have grievances about race or politics, generally, if it affects themselves or their ability to capitalize on radical left, secularist, globalist politics.

But that is of little or no concern to these internationalist-minded, professional ideologues who rarely, if ever, have any sense of patriotism, as they, by and large, are casting their lot with the Global Citizen/One World Order that many of them are feverishly tryin…

Anti-Constitution Protestors

Liberal? (Not Really): "Spoiled Brat" Protests
It's appalling that demonstrators/protestors are taking to the streets in huge numbers after the election for the President of the United States of America, with emphasis on the word "election," as our elections for president are the hallmark of national self-determination and respect for the Constitution.  These disrespectful-to-democracy protests, much of it carried out by the Millennial Generation, are an indication that many of these young people are not used to not getting their way, as many of them are used to their families & society-in-general catering to their every whim, and so now they are having a collective temper tantrum because the vote didn't go their way.  How sad (where's the crocodile tears icon when I need one?) -- but things not going our way sometimes, or maybe even often, goes with the territory called life.  Hopefully, some "Millennials," as I'm sure this is a minori…

Sour Grapes: Electoral College Critics

A Famous Fable of Aesop Comes to Mind
Just listened to MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell criticize the Electoral College, but of course if his candidate had won the essential electoral vote, but lost the popular vote, I doubt if he would have even mentioned the Electoral College.  At some later time, Commoner, which supports the electoral college system (but, perhaps, would support some tweaks to it), will rebut O'Donnell's criticism point-by-point (don't have time at the moment), but for now, O'Donnell should note the wording of the name of our country, it's the United States, in other words a nation of states combined to make a country, and in which each state uniquely has some powers that are meant to be a counterweight or a reasonable balance to states that have superior numbers: this was the great compromise that enabled the United States to be formed in the first place.  This will never be changed in the Constitution, because the smaller states won't go f…

We're a Country That's Not Fond of Dynasties

It's surprising that with all the media commentary of why Hillary Clinton lost the election for president, I never hear the fact that most Americans pretty much don't like Argentine-style arrangements that transfer power from family member to family member for the highest political office, even indirect transfers over a number of years, particularly between spouses.  I think this fact was an underestimated corollary about the 2016 election and Donald Trump's election victory.  I think a number of other female politicians, such as Minnesota's Amy Klobuchar, could have won this election had they been nominated by the Democrats instead of them trying to stitch together a Clinton Dynasty.  Despite our history of the Adams, Harrisons and Bushes, Americans, with our anti-royalist heritage, generally don't like dynasties.

The First Anti-GMO Writing

GMO Labeling & Ban Politics: Not Over, Yet Genesis: Chapter 1: Verses 11 - 12:  Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed bearing plants and trees on the land that bear the fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds."  And it was so .... And God saw that it was good.

Just because the Obama regime has put their imprimatur on a Monsanto-approved non-labeling of GMO food bill that last summer became law, though unconstitutional; pretends to be a labeling bill; and pre-empted a real GMO labeling law out of Vermont; doesn't mean that GMO labeling & GMO ban politics are over -- hardly.  The Revived Citizens Party will continue trying to pass a GMO labeling initiative in Washington (getting it on the ballot and enshrining it through the vote), and will push to have it legally bypass the federal statute, on 10th Amendment grounds, by going to federal court.  This time the language for the initiative will be the toughest of any labeling bill or ini…

Not Supporting Any of the 4 Most Media Known Candidates for President

Regarding the 4 most media trumpeted candidates for president of the U.S., Clinton, Trump, Johnson & Stein, the Revived Citizens Party is not supporting any of them, and never really have.  Although, an essay or two that our party wrote looked like tepid support for Stein, that isn't the case anymore, and any essays written were really only meant to infer that she was the most plausible of the 4 regarding our support, which gives you an idea of how unpalatable this year's most viable choices are -- viable in the sense that candidates are on enough state ballots to actually have a theoretical chance of winning -- but the Green Party is a globalism-practicing party, unfortunately, and not enough is known about Stein or her vice-president candidate to support them, and have lately seen a little unsettling information about the latter.  The Revived Citizens Party is still checking candidates beyond the 4 for our endorsement, if any shall be forthcoming, not that the mainstream…

Thief In The Night: GMO Labeling Banished By Federal Govt.

Like a thief in the night, pretty much unreported by the corporate news media, the Obama regime and Congress, earlier this summer, silently and with few watching, gave the Monsanto, et al. corrupters (of agriculture) exactly what they wanted: a toothless GMO "non-labeling" law that pretends to be a labeling law and unconstitutionally pre-empts the Vermont GMO labeling law, the only one in the nation.  The law violates the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, which says that states have the right to make their own laws as long as they are not in conflict with the Constitution.  Vermont should challenge it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Addendum (10/2/16): GMO Labeling Politics Isn't Over, Yet

Genesis: Chapter 1: Verses 11 - 12:  Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed bearing plants and trees on the land that bear the fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds."  And it was so .... And God saw that it was good.

Just because the Obama r…

Major Party Charade

Major party candidates Trump & Clinton: authoritarianism versus sleaze: our only hope: vote for almost any "third party" candidate for President of the U.S. this year, and prepare to field a strong third party or independent candidate in 2020.

[Revised on 9/19/16.]

Lost In 2016 Style Translation

Maddow-lation: Translating through Propaganda
(But We're Not All Immigrants)
Rachel Maddow (MSNBC-TV) actually had the temerity to say that we (meaning Americans) are all immigrants; I think she qualified that, a little, with the word "basically," but even with that qualifier, that's not really right. 

No, we're not all immigrants, not even Maddow, I think.  Anybody born on American soil, or to an American citizen parent, is not an immigrant, of course.  But even with her "basically" qualifier, millions of Americans don't have the slightest or much connection to immigration, and of course Native Americans, such as myself, partly from the Cherokee nation, being from this land originally, would be the first to give the rejoinder to Maddow's questionable statement.  Additionally, black people with ancestors from early America, including me as well, are not really from immigration, as immigration and slave ships going across the Atlantic are distinctl…

Queen of Self-Righteousness

Update:  "Commoner" is supporting no candidate for president this year, yet.  Looking at candidates on the ballot beyond the 4 most talked about in the media. 

Why does Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC-TV, care so much about where in America Donald Trump campaigns?  She practically wants to make it a scandal because Trump campaigns in Mississippi and Washington state, as if she were his campaign manager.  Last I heard, Mississippi and Washington were still part of the United States.  If it were up to Rachel Maddow's logic, I wouldn't run for anything, since hardly anybody ever gives me a chance of winning anything, but I had a few upsets, thank you, including two major party primaries/nominations for Congress in Alaska.  I say this not even being a supporter of Trump, but Maddow's trying to peg where Trump should campaign is part and parcel of Maddow's smugness/arrogance in reporting political news.  Maddow is interesting often enough, but when she starts being self-r…

Just Stein Left

Before I was considering Gary Johnson as a lesser-of-evils vote for president, I hadn't realized that he had made an inflammatory statement about who the government should force to do something against their will in regards to making wedding cakes (very un-libertarian like).  Considering his laissez-faire politics, it's just as well that he's out of contention for my vote anyway.  It's just Jill Stein left as a plausible alternative to the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian nominees, as far from ideal a candidate for president that she is.  Yet, there are other third party candidates besides Johnson and Stein, but their chances of winning are bleaker than those two, if even they are on enough state ballots to gain 270 electoral votes. 

Caveat:  Would probably need to keep the current Majority in the House, by and large, to keep Stein's most liberal instincts in check.  Sometimes divided government is best.

A New Detente or "Hillary the Hawk"

So with all the talk from some commentators about how distasteful Donald Trump's seemingly cozying up to Russia's president, Putin, is to them; I have been trying to figure out what is the downside of two potential leaders, who would share the overwhelming majority of the world's arsenal of nuclear weapons, being buddies?  Nothing at all, I surmise.  After all, we should have much better relations with Russia than Obama's same old "poking the bear" policies, which are frankly dangerous and could set off World War III. 

Why is the corrupt Obama regime, which if you remember in '08 was suppose to be the "change" administration, continuing the same confrontational mindset and policies of encircling Russia's borders with NATO memberships (a broken U.S. promise of not to do that, by the way, when the old Soviet Union dismantled)?  Why are we confronting Russia with missile defense systems in Europe, that laughably are suppose to be a shield again…

Kim Wyman: Best Secretary of State in U.S.

Important:  Re-elect Kim Wyman for Secretary of State

Other than the obvious, of course, "Mark Greene for Lieutenant Governor," the Revived Citizens Party is not making a lot of endorsements for offices for the Primary election that will conclude on August 2nd.  However, control of the Secretary of State's Office is so important to fairly run elections in Washington, we are endorsing Kim Wyman for Secretary of State.  Besides Wyman's obvious competency, fairness and skills in running the office for the last 4years, her re-election is best to make sure that the King County Elections Department doesn't get any influence in the top elections office, thereby keeping it from being staffed by former Dean Logan appointees/protégés (not that we're 100% sure that there are none there, now, but at least they would be kept to a minimum under Wyman as opposed to Podlodowski).  The last thing we need is for the Secretary of State's Office to become Logan-ized, or for D…

Is the Media Really That Ignorant?

About American History
The Orlando, Florida massacre perpetrated by an ideologically extremist madman is a tragedy of tremendous proportions, and Commoner sympathizes with the victims and their families.  When it comes to facts, however, is the mainline media so ignorant that they call this particular massacre, in which 49 people were killed, the worst shooting in American history?  Apparently they are, because it's not close to being the worst.  A number of massacres involving shootings and perpetrated by the government on Native Indigenous People, such as the 1890 Wounded Knee massacre, were far worst.   Then there was the rebel raid, during the Civil War, on Lawrence, Kansas civilians, called the "Sacking of Lawrence," the 19th Century (1873) Colfax massacre, and other massacres in America against Native, white and black people.  There's an informative article by Lakota Voice about other tragic massacres in America.   Let's not forget our history.

Americanism (Withstanding Propaganda)

MSNBC Distorts Patriotism
The MSNBC cable TV network goes out of their way to affix or imply a negative tag to anybody who uses the terms Americanism or variants in a positive sense, as the terms are really just other words for patriotism, and the pro-globalization network likes to associate variants of this term with ethnicity or race, even though it's clear that most who use one or another of these terms, or not, think of themselves as primarily Americans, if not solely that.  This is nothing but a propaganda attempt by MSNBC to malign anybody that doesn't agree with their "one worlder" politics, thereby promoting their apparent or seeming philosophy of making America become something other than a real nation.

[Revised on 6/16/16.]

Democrat & Hillary-ite Hypocrisy Regarding Native Icons/Heroes

I'm not a fan of the various prominent presidential candidates, but it takes a lot of gall for Hillary/Democrat/Obama partisans to get huffy about Trump's calling Senator Elizabeth Warren, Pocahontas.  If anything insulted Native Americans, which I partly am, it was the Obama Defense Department nicknaming Osama bin Laden, Geronimo.  I didn't hear as much outcry about that, which was a huge insult to Indigenous People and pretty much defamatory.  Hypocrisy reigns again among so-called liberals and democrats.

[Revised on 6/8/16.]

Seattle's Housing Crisis

Seattle's Establishment Democrats who will inevitably be rallying around "Global Citizen" Cyrus Habib or Frank Chopp's right hand man, Jim Moeller, for Lieutenant Governor, haven't a clue about what to do about the Calcutta-ization of our state's biggest city.  However, the answer could begin somewhere along these lines: make sure that thousands of units of cheap housing (not so-called affordable) are built in and near the downtown core.  It would cost relatively little government expenditures to build housing rooms similar to what the Y.M.C.A. used to do, before they decided to effectively take the "Christian" out of their name and turn themselves into solely middle class fitness and swimming centers. 

The city, county & state governments, by themselves, and/or in combination with non-profit businesses and organizations, should re-make the old Y.M.C.A. model, with several, or as many as a score, of new or renovated buildings, and c…

Super Delegates Equals Rigged Primary

The effective built-in for stealth of the Democratic Party presidential primary by so-called super delegates, i.e., Establishment politicians, who have no business being delegates anyway since they were not given this status by primary voters and already have more than enough power, is nothing more than a rigged election system.  By the way, the politician most likely to be negatively affected by this brazenly phony system, Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont, should never have run in the Democratic primaries anyway since he has always been an Independent and ran against both major parties in the past, but should have gone straight to the General Election as an Independent where he could have really had an impact on the feckless, so-called "Party of the People," and likely would have had an even better chance of being elected that way than through the Democratic primaries of an overall election that's looking to be a match-up of Trumpian fascism versus Clintonite sleaze. …

New Anti-GMO Initiative in Washington State

Update (February 18, 2016): Initiative has been assigned a number, recently, so it's Initiative No. 1456.  Need 570 volunteers to get 570 signatures each!  To see initiative, go to Secretary of State's site.  Write, today!  Thank you!
As the sponsor of the last anti-GMO petition, Initiative 1338 of the year 2014, I am happy to announce a new effort this year.  Although, I was very disappointed that some natural supporters of the general anti-GMO effort bailed out on me in '14 or never helped at all. This year, however, I think I can get some of them and the general public to get behind this latest proposal.  It's going to take some work, not only by me, but hundreds of volunteers.  There are very few differences between what will be the new initiative, that hasn't been assigned a number yet, and 1338; such as an updated date for commencement of the law.  Remember, 1338 was not the same as the more renowned initiative that made the ballot in 2013, the latter which ha…