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Unfoxy Dragnet

Not that it's any surprise to us, but it has been confirmed through various recent news reports that the government knows every single thing that anybody does on the internet, everything, every single keystroke.  This is an outrageous invasion of privacy and a great violation of the Constitution.  The national government's unchecked, warrantless dragnet of just about every major electronic system in the country also puts the nation's election system, basically run through electronic means in the 21st century, at greater risk of fraud and abuse, and in the hands of a few high level bureaucrats that control the levers of every American computer, not to mention a gargantuan share of international ones as well.  Is it they that possibly get the veto power of who is elected to office in America and who's not?   The fox is guarding the henhouse, and the American People need to throw out the so-called Patriot Act that is hoisting this fox up.

If possible, please, consider con…