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Corporate Nemeses Stymie Commoner Americans in Employment

Unbelievably, in these days of economic depression, it is fashionable for so-called American companies to go across the oceans to find workers to bring back to America, through H1-B visas. Supposedly (and technically according to the law), they are filling jobs that they cannot find Americans to do, which is about the biggest lie ever fostered by the "Great" Corporate Nemeses. Moreover, the "green card" lottery (a program brought through the cahoots of Uncle Sam & the corporations who want a gigantic labor pool to increase their ability to control and manipulate) is still bringing fifty thousand-or-so foreigners to settle here every year, which is yet another shameless policy that increases competition for scarce jobs, not to mention that America is not the last frontier anymore. Thirdly, the other part of the aforementioned H1-B visa sham, the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries continues unabated, thereby completing the trifecta of bringing Commoner Am…