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Irony and This Ungolden Era

About a dozen years ago, in King County/Seattle, governmental liberal big shots formed a committee to end homelessness in a decade.   A decade passed and homelessness in Seattle and its suburbs is more rampant than ever.  The past two liberal mayors of Seattle, including the present one, have been more engaged in looking for places to put tent encampments than actual homes to put people without homes into, if they actually attempted the latter at all.  The State of Utah (known as a conservative "red" state), however, just puts people that need homes into private residences for free, and found that conservative compassion actually saves the state money in the long run and provides other added community benefits than just leaving people to the streets.  Amazing, it's easier for people to stabilize their lives when they have a decent home to run their affairs from than when they don't.  Who would have thought? 

Although, we have been saying for years that "homes …