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Fascism By Lists

An Overreaction to the San Bernardino Tragedy
Some in Congress are now trying to forbid large swaths of citizens from being able to partake in the same rights as that of the majority of citizens, because they are on some list of one kind or another; lists created by the whims, rational, peculiar or otherwise, of individual bureaucrats.  There are one million Americans on various terrorist watch lists by the government, but that number is outrageously huge, thereby, through basic reason, logic and probability, it's a good bet that hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens are being misclassified and hounded for no good reason.  That many unjustifiably listed may have criticized the government or politicians, or have unconventional political viewpoints that don't match Republican Party and Democratic Party platforms, but these lists aren't transparent; so with so many citizens on these lists, there is no doubt that the basic rights of Americans & the Constitution are b…

Our Nation At a Crossroads: the Very Unwise "Global Citizen" Nonsense

With abject leadership in our nation nearing crisis proportions, including leaders and officials turning our nation into some kind of Globalist land mass, which among other things, would bring globalism as a principal that would override the national Constitution.  We need a citizen political revival that will tell the leadership "no," that this is not what the majority wants; what we want is a real nation, not the internationalist "global citizen" nonsense that our weak leaders are working everyday to reorder us as, as they line their pockets with foreign money.  The "Revived Citizens Party Senatorial Candidate Exploratory Committee" is close to making a 2016 senatorial campaign a reality.

[Originally posted 11/16/15 on the Revived Citizens Party blog.  Revised on 12/11/15.]

Senatorial Campaign Exploratory Committee
Today, I am starting a U.S. Senator exploratory campaign committee, which will be called the "Revived Citizens Party Senatorial Candida…

The Municipal League of King County: Partisan, Preposterous, Perfidy

Establishment Puppets Try to Control Elections, Again.  Only Smart Voters Can Keep Them From Succeeding.
The Municipal League of King County is a joke, but kind of powerful since much of the Establishment Seattle Media worships them.  They have at least a score of unqualified people, openly active or behind the scenes, that know less about American politics than some 4th graders in elementary schools (let alone a long-time politician like me that has been interested in or studying politics & government since President Eisenhower's Era) rating candidates for office in an attempt to winnow out those who don't meet their very narrow criteria, which doesn't include "3rd" political parties like the Citizens Party, of course, and as usual, the kettle has the gall to call the pot black (and then some), as they even rate candidates that have the smarts not to show up to their partisan, preposterous show that has all the markings of perfidy.

After I have…

Kansas To The Downtrodden: "Dwell In Your Misery"

This is one of the reasons why politicians get a bad name. The Kansas Legislature has deemed that certain poor people shall not go to movies, among other ridiculous mandates, mixed with a handful of reasonable ones regarding how state welfare allotments should be handled.  God forbid that you try to forget some of the stresses of life for a couple of hours-or-so by enjoying a movie for what could probably be every other blue moon at best on Kansas's meager welfare budget.  MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry had an interesting suggestion, though; let's extend Kansas's austerity rules for the poor to others not so poor, but who nonetheless receive governmental largesse of one kind or another.  Like considering Big Oil's, e.g., Exxon, et al.'s, outrageous or incomprehensible tax subsidies; maybe, their executives shouldn't be able to attend movies or plays either, or partake in some other more-or-less luxuries of life, as long as ordinary U.S. taxpayers' continu…

Irony and This Ungolden Era

About a dozen years ago, in King County/Seattle, governmental liberal big shots formed a committee to end homelessness in a decade.   A decade passed and homelessness in Seattle and its suburbs is more rampant than ever.  The past two liberal mayors of Seattle, including the present one, have been more engaged in looking for places to put tent encampments than actual homes to put people without homes into, if they actually attempted the latter at all.  The State of Utah (known as a conservative "red" state), however, just puts people that need homes into private residences for free, and found that conservative compassion actually saves the state money in the long run and provides other added community benefits than just leaving people to the streets.  Amazing, it's easier for people to stabilize their lives when they have a decent home to run their affairs from than when they don't.  Who would have thought? 

Although, we have been saying for years that "homes …

The Noncredible Big Media

We can't believe that CNN actually had the ethically-challenged former police commissioner of N.Y. C., Bernard Kerik, as one of their commentators, today, apparently as some kind of domestic security expert.  Bush II had to withdraw this guy's name as his nominee for Secretary of Police State Homeland Security because of Kerik's legal troubles.  Who's next for one of CNN's "reliable" sources?  Maybe, the disgraced ex-House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay, to give some advice on how to improve America's political redistricting processes?

MSNBC, as usual, continues to run their daily internationalist hour(s), but what else did you expect from cable TV's biggest promoter of internationalist thought & theory: Americana?

And last but not least on this list of noncredible big media, FOX, America's tribune of misinformation mixed with fascism.

[revised on 3/1/15]

Jeh's So-called Funding Dilemma

So the Republicans in Congress, as a result of Obama's & the Democrat's inflexibility, are giving Jeh Johnson (Secretary of Homeland Security) headaches about funding the Stasi-likeHomeland Security Department, which probably spends more time tracking down law-abiding citizens that criticize government policies than actual threats from terrorist organizations.  So for a week or two, Johnson's people might actually have to take their radar screen off of American peaceniks, environmentalists, third political parties, and others who are doing nothing but using their natural and First Amendment rights to protest or criticize government policies.  They might have to put their full undivided attention on terrorists, for a change, which would be good policy, however short-lived, because when the gamesmanship in D.C. has finally settled down, the Obama regime will just go back to business as usual.

[revised on 3/2/15]

Post-script: see an old related post on Almanac, dated 1/24…

Secretary of Chaos

About Eight to a Dozen Good Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton:  Her Governmental Record
Well, we really didn't count them exactly, however, Gary Leupp wrote a good article with point by point detailing about Hillary Clinton's penchant for imperialism and aggression.  It seems like every time the "best and the brightest" decide to topple a dictator/head-of-state they don't like, they make things exponentially worst.  Surely, with the knowledge coming from Leupp's article, some Democratic Party politician or two, that have common sense, are going to challenge her for the nomination and not let her have a coronation.  If it's a woman, so much the better.  We really don't believe Hillary Clinton would be as invincible in Democratic primaries and caucuses as some of these pundits seem to think she would be.  A choice that would essentially be between Hillary and, say, Jeb Bush, would be the most disastrous quandary ever to face a presidential elector…

Obama Govt. Shows Their Internationalist Colors

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (trade agreement), being pushed by President Obama and his cronies, is a terrible idea that would be a nightmare for American workers.  This agreement, if enacted into law, would give the internationalist overlords of the world economy even more crushing control of U.S. economic levers than they already have, and would push the majority of America's workforce into indentured servitude.  This is the straw that broke the camel's back as to whether there was any doubt or not that the current government is in the hands of true blue internationalists intent on auctioning off what's left of our sovereignty, regarding trade and economics, to the highest bidders.  This takes up where GTO and NAFTA, et al., left off.  Please, write your congressmen and senators and tell them to vote against this monstrosity.  Thank you!

[revised on 2/19/15]

Misleading Internet Searches

Hi, Folks,

Please, don't jump to conclusions when typing in the "Revived Citizens Party" on search engines.  We were shocked at some of the junk that comes up, that has nothing whatsoever to do with the Revived Citizens Party, on some of the earliest shown items.  Some deplorable stuff that came up very early on one search under our name, today, is the reason for this article.  This is a left-of-center party that pretty much takes its name, though not officially connected, from the Citizens Party of the 1970s & 80s, which was founded by Barry Commoner, and respects all human and natural rights. 

By the way, we stand as our own party, and are not connected with any other offshoot of the name "Citizens" anywhere else.  We may or may not go by just "Citizens" on the ballot, but this is officially the Revived Citizens Party.

[revised on 2/6/15]

A Great Chance For a Political Upset

Although the circumstances for a special election for District 30 in Washington are far from ideal, the citizens of this district have a chance to forge a new politics in America in the aftermath of the passing of State Rep. Roger Freeman, by bringing in a new political party in the state capitol, thereby letting the usual Washington state power brokers know that the game is up, and the common folk are coming to recapture the capital.  No more of this 2-party duopoly gamesmanship that goes on daily in American national and state capitols from sea to shining sea.  Time is short to get ready for this special election, there are only 4 months between this writing and the candidates filing for this state office, and local offices around the state.  At this date, this is the only legislative office that is up for election in WA this year. 
The Seattle Political Machine and their corporate masters are hoping that they can sneak this one in with as little fanfare as possible, so that they …