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Civil Liberties and Bill of Rights Take a Toll

The Obama administration is as bad or worst than the Bush II administration for harassing opponents of their respective regimes.  The surveillance tactics they use against law-abiding American political activists and politicians are sophisticated and widespread, and under the dubious cover of the anti-civil libertiesso-called Patriot Act.  With the exception of Senator Rand Paul and perhaps a handful of others, the den of thieves in the U.S. Congress that have stolen the public trust have helped both of these administrations break down the 4th Amendment of the Constitution and other portions of the Bill of Rights and the general Constitution.  Please, help me join Senator Paul in Congress by sending me a $10 or more check for my Congressional Campaign to the address noted further below.  We can no longer accept the status quo in D.C.  They have already turned the country into something completely unknown even a generation ago, and it's getting worst. 

The present congressman of …