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Big Brother No More

The neoconservatives, such as Pres. Barack Obama and Rep. Adam Smith, are just itching to get America involved in more wars, which is why those two will not say that we shouldn't be involved in the civil war in Syria, and why politicians like them are dragging their feet in exiting from the global morass that they themselves helped dig us into.  You will never hear Obama and his loyal constable, Smith, say that we should depart from even half of the thousand U.S. military bases on foreign soil around the world, let alone the nearly all that we should be departing from.  "Big Brother" surrealism is part and parcel of their politics, after all.  Obama and Smith talk like peacemakers sometimes, but they really act like they want to pick up where Ancient Rome left off.  It's time that we stop being "Big Brother" to the world.  Let's start by sending Mr. Smith and his like-minded colleagues in Congress into retirement through the 2014 elections.

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