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One Big Lie

The lie is repeated so often that I don't even remember where on TV that I heard it last.  You've heard it before, which pretty much goes like this: "Social Security will not be around for the young people of today."  Of course, if you are ideologically inclined to get rid of the New Deal in the first place, the lie that Social Security cannot last serves your purpose very well.  After all, if the Corporate Behemoth, through prevarication and propagation by the powerful corporate media, can convince people that something that they are paying into through their work every week has no chance to benefit the People's own interests, then the behemoth has won half the battle.  Once, when I was in a coffee shop, a young barista, in his 20's presumably, told me that he had no chance to see Social Security.  I asked why did he feel that way?  I can't remember his answer exactly, but it was more or less along the lines that this was the general impression that eve…