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Who Is Going to Sanction Home-Grown Election Manipulators?

The Obama regime, in a snit because their candidate, Hillary Clinton, did not win the presidential election, is pretty much blaming Russia for her loss, and is now placing sanctions on the huge European/Asian nation.  Russia is being blamed for hacking e-mails from Clintonistas & Democratic Party officials, and orchestrating other schemes that affected the national election.  Nevertheless, the Obama Regime Justice Department, taking the baton from the George W. Bush Regime Justice Department, has not lifted one finger in trying to figure out who is responsible for actually manipulating official election numbers in past American elections (including Congressional elections and the 2004 Presidential Election), in other words, actually changing the vote count to switch the outcome of elections, something quite more serious than disclosing private e-mails or even sending out fake news, the latter being something that the conventional news media has been doing for centuries, but now al…