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Proposed Dept. of Grievances, Solutions and Whistleblowers

The following is an organization chart for King County Council, Dist. 9, candidate Mark Greene's proposal for a new county department, "The Department of Grievances, Solutions and Whistleblowers." Mark's idea may draw unfair criticism about an increased bureaucracy, but actually this proposal would decrease the bureaucracy by consolidating other county sections or departments into this proposed new department, which would be better for overall organization and efficiency. The aggregate savings the county would make from this new department would be in the millions over time and would more than make up for costs associated with starting a new department. Also, for more information regarding this matter, see previous "Commoner" essay entitled, "Mark's 'New Department' Idea," first published on 6/24/09.


Waste & Inefficiency Division: auditing county depts. and handling …

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Bulletin: The Party of Commons has decided not to endorse a candidate in the King County Executive Primary, but we probably will make an endorsement for the general election.

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Incumbent's Advantages

How many advantages can one candidate have? With the Sound Publishing Co. or "Reporter" in his back pocket, lots of money from his corporate backers, and taxpayer funded county brochures mailed out consistently in the past year, Reagan Dunn, the incumbent, needs 90% of the vote in the August 18th primary in order to claim a "win."

Meanwhile, the "Times" and the "" continue to look the other way at this council election, following the lead of the community corporate establishment that has not set up any candidate forums at all. They're all pretending there is no election in the 9th council district, that is, until the masses turns the tables on them with an overriding vote for Mark come November.

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Never Mind Politics in Iran

We have touched on this subject before, "Elections and the Media," which can be seen on our "Coliseum" blog, but the more that the sanctimonious Corporate Mainstream News Media (CMNM) huffs and puffs about perceived electoral misdeeds in Iran, the more that they overlook, rather intentionally, electoral misdeeds and crimes in the United States of America. Like federal agents disrupting Party of Commons's communications, and probably the communications of other minor parties and candidates. Like rigged voting machines made by corrupt companies that may be the major factor in fraudulent elections in the United States. Like unfair election laws and rules that persistently keep third party, independent, and poor candidates, by and large, from gaining traction in elections or having the ability to be on the ballot at all. Like partisan election officials around the country working on behalf of their party's candidates in contravention of the law or the spirit o…

Behemoth Befriends Incumbent

As the corporate behemoth, with the aid of the media in the forefront, and sophisticated and wily agents in the background, tries to run away with the election in the ninth council district of King County, thereby making more difficult the ascension of "Commons" in the political realm, "Commons" is trying its best to reach the masses through leafleting, word-of-mouth communication and "Commoner." The chairman asks for your help through word-of-mouth promotion of his campaign for both council and senate, and for your financial contributions so that "Commons" can work for the masses with plenty of electioneering and campaign materials.

Just recently, the "Bellevue Reporter," ran what looked like a specialty article for Reagan Dunn. A neutral observer would have thought that the article was a Dunn campaign release rather than a journalistic article, and since the "Reporter" didn't even mention Dunn's competitors in the up…

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New post in "Contrarian" (can see by clicking on title link, above). Never mind politics in Iran, federal agents interfere in local council election, and to a degree, next year's U.S. senatorial election.

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