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Word-of-Mouth Dissemination of Campaign

Updated on 6/18/11 (see message further below)

Hello, voters:

Thanks for everything you have done to keep my campaign in the running, including one thousand six hundred thirty-five valid signatures on my petition and moral support. I keep dwelling on the media bias on this blog to emphasize the importance of word-of-mouth dissemination of my campaign (please, tell one person a day about my campaign, and ask that person to do the same). "Word-of-mouth" should not be underestimated, because it really can jump start a campaign. The silver lining in all of this is that voters will start to wonder why the media is suppressing information about the director of elections election, which may lead to more support for my campaign, the most active in King County.

-- by Mark Greene

Update: new post on "Politico":

Politicians will have to file in-person in a Greene administration.


Please, contribut…

Contributions Would Come In Handy

Hello, voters:

Again, thank you for your help in signing my petition. I also hope that you can dig into your pockets and find a few pennies, nickels and dimes to help out my hard-working campaign, arguably the most active in King County if not the state. Even each of you sending a few dollars would help me print literature and buy campaign buttons, and help with the all-important transportation costs that I will need to travel around King County. It would be a dream if I could actually send out a significant mailing to get around the media bias, but I don't even think about that. I will concentrate campaigning in my eastern stronghold, but I would like to eventually get to Seattle and other areas. The campaign cannot leave the huge voting bloc in Seattle solely to the opposition, because I'll need at least 35% of the Seattle proper vote. Across the board, with all the uncontested council races, this is not going be a particularly exciting election year, and my campaign w…

Campaign Hiatus (World News)

Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko, addresses farm issues in her

Mark Greene, very tired after a 10-month long petition drive to make the ballot, has recently been recovering from plain weariness and recuperating at home. Although making a couple of short campaign forays in his stronghold of East King County over the weekend, it may take a week or two to get back into full campaign mode. The campaign is in hiatus right now. The ol' reformer is restoring his energy and getting ready for the long haul in the director of elections race.

Photograph above: Ex-prime minister of Ukraine, opposition leader, and great reformer, Yulia Tymoshenko.

Tymoshenko website on title link, above.

Please, contribute to campaign by sending check or money order to Mark Greene for Director of Elections Comm., P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009. Thank you!

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No Wholesale Firings in a New Administration

Of course, with the possibility of a new director next January, there would be reforms at the Department of Elections -- that's what elections are about, after all -- although Mark, an independent, is not part of a major party political apparatus and does not have a pool of advisors and party staff to help him make selections for staff. Mark, besides using his own judgment and pulling from his own experience, will rely on trusted reform-minded politicians of a bi-partisan or non-partisan nature and election experts to make suggestions for new individual personnel. By law and the interest of a smooth transition, there will be no radical changes in the civil service staff if Mark is elected, and some of the current managerial staff will be kept on board in January, especially those who were not under former controversial director Dean Logan's tutelage. Mark recognizes that there are many conscientious workers currently at Elections, and he will need their advice, expertise, p…