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Not-That-Liberal Liberals

One of the most surprising developments about the presidency of President Trump is seeing all his sanctimonious critics ranting and raving so early in time, particularly the so-called liberals and militant left-wingers who should have photos of their leading spokespersons next to the word "hypocrite" in the dictionaries.  Even the New England/Texas miscreants & crime family, the Bushes, had a little honeymoon period, but not Trump for some reason. 

The so-called left has always been the nastiest of the various political spectrums that I've witnessed in my time in politics since 1976: much rancor, disregard for decorum & courtesies, and little if any tolerance for dissenting views. Former third party politician & consumer activist, Ralph Nader, has implied much the same thing, notably speaking about Democrats.

It's been amazing these past few days that some of the liberals have even criticized the president for saying the truth regarding our country's p…