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Primary Road

A Big Advantage in the Election for Lieutenant Governor

By time the ballots are finished being counted for the Director of Elections election, Mark Greene expects to have about 90,000 votes in King County, and if we're lucky, reaching 100,000.  If Mark manages to keep at least 75% of these great supporters for the Lieutenant Governor primary next summer, that could mean about 67,000 - 75,000 votes in only 1 out of 39 counties.  The incumbent is from Mason County.  Lisa Brown is from Spokane County.  It will be possible for a 3rd party candidate to place in the Top 2, because we're hoping that several Republicans will run, thereby splitting their vote by 4 or more, and that Owen and Brown will divide the Democratic vote by one having a very decisive outcome over the other.  Mark must come ahead of one of them in the primary or there could be 2 Democrats in the General Election.

The Lieutenant Governor has only one official duty and that is to preside over the State Senate, so M…

Snakes on Conventional Media

It's amazing how supposedly respectable television and radio media that run political and public affairs programs can actually invite so-called journalists like Josh Feit and Dominic Holden on their programs.  It just goes to show how low the depths of conventional media political programming has sunk in Seattle.  The National Public Radio station in Seattle, KUOW, is one pathetic example, just one mind you, of how the mainstream media caters to disreputable bloggers and political distortionists for commentary on a constant basis.  Has the government completely taken away taxpayer funding from them yet?  We haven't checked on that yet, but if they haven't, it's about time.

Previous post of November 9, 2011:  "Third Party Politics is Patient, Hard Work."

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Third Party Politics Is Patient, Hard Work

Just like September of 2004, though mistakely then, I am giving the election administrators the benefit of the doubt that the vote count in this election is reasonably accurate.  In this case, a more than 100,000 vote margin between the incumbent and myself, in her favor, is insurmountable even in a postal mail election (unlike '04 in which there were both poll and mail voting), but I don't concede elections anymore until they are certified, at least. This election was a very high hurdle to jump, seeing that on the one hand several bloggers, some posing as journalists, used smears, distortions and outright lies in a propaganda campaign for the benefit of Ms. Huff. On the other hand, the Establishment ignored conventional protocols to give the public at large the impression that I wasn't worthy to be a candidate, with a big assist from the sleazy municipal league of King County. They are all part of the two-party dominance of politics in our nation that bends rules to make …

A New, Friendly Elections Department

If the votes go my way today, this will usher in a new, friendly elections department wherein the 3 most important goals of elections: correctness of registration procedures, correctness of vote tabulation, and correctness of ballot processing procedures will be the main priority. Despite falsehoods on the internet, I do support verifiable paper trails (as if wasn't a fait accompli anyway with the optical scanner system that King County uses), and more than that, corroboration of machine results through hand recounts in sample random precincts for all elections regardless of the closeness of the vote. The new elections department, if it comes about today, will be exceptionally friendly, respectful of all candidates, and gracious to the public at large. There is still time to vote today before 12:00 AM, but the earlier that you get your ballot mailed, in either an official postal drop box (the last pick-ups at most postal mail boxes are generally from 3 PM - 5 PM), the post office,…