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Corrupt Media Sweeps Election Fraud Under the Rug

Mark Greene The corporate news media, and their blogosphere sycophants, which didn't say a peep about the 2004 Washington 9th District Republican congressional primary incongruities (i.e., theft), and little if anything about the strange electronic occurences in that primary, generally, are trying to sweep under the rug all indications of election fraud in the United States by keeping silent, and saying and writing virtually nothing about it.  It will be up to campaigns like that of Mark Greene's (for King Co. Director of Elections) to remind the people that fraud, incompetence and shady machinery are wrecking the last vestiges of democracy in the United States and making their "votes" nothing more than a charade to keep the status quo in power.  The news media, rather than being the gatekeepers of democracy like they are suppose to be, are instead silent partners of the sleazy architects of corruption and fraud in not only the voting systems of America, but in the ov…