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Anti-Constitution Protestors

Liberal? (Not Really): "Spoiled Brat" Protests
It's appalling that demonstrators/protestors are taking to the streets in huge numbers after the election for the President of the United States of America, with emphasis on the word "election," as our elections for president are the hallmark of national self-determination and respect for the Constitution.  These disrespectful-to-democracy protests, much of it carried out by the Millennial Generation, are an indication that many of these young people are not used to not getting their way, as many of them are used to their families & society-in-general catering to their every whim, and so now they are having a collective temper tantrum because the vote didn't go their way.  How sad (where's the crocodile tears icon when I need one?) -- but things not going our way sometimes, or maybe even often, goes with the territory called life.  Hopefully, some "Millennials," as I'm sure this is a minori…

Sour Grapes: Electoral College Critics

A Famous Fable of Aesop Comes to Mind
Just listened to MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell criticize the Electoral College, but of course if his candidate had won the essential electoral vote, but lost the popular vote, I doubt if he would have even mentioned the Electoral College.  At some later time, Commoner, which supports the electoral college system (but, perhaps, would support some tweaks to it), will rebut O'Donnell's criticism point-by-point (don't have time at the moment), but for now, O'Donnell should note the wording of the name of our country, it's the United States, in other words a nation of states combined to make a country, and in which each state uniquely has some powers that are meant to be a counterweight or a reasonable balance to states that have superior numbers: this was the great compromise that enabled the United States to be formed in the first place.  This will never be changed in the Constitution, because the smaller states won't go f…

We're a Country That's Not Fond of Dynasties

It's surprising that with all the media commentary of why Hillary Clinton lost the election for president, I never hear the fact that most Americans pretty much don't like Argentine-style arrangements that transfer power from family member to family member for the highest political office, even indirect transfers over a number of years, particularly between spouses.  I think this fact was an underestimated corollary about the 2016 election and Donald Trump's election victory.  I think a number of other female politicians, such as Minnesota's Amy Klobuchar, could have won this election had they been nominated by the Democrats instead of them trying to stitch together a Clinton Dynasty.  Despite our history of the Adams, Harrisons and Bushes, Americans, with our anti-royalist heritage, generally don't like dynasties.