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Blog News XXIV

"The Saga of a Politician: Montreal, Poland and the World" (title changed somewhat) is now on our blog called "The Political Playwright," where the saga will be written throughout several parts.

This saga includes Mark's interview with the F.B.I. in 1974 and the following points of interest:

* Mark's lone trip to the city of Montreal and his "discovery" of the world outside Anglo North America.

* Mark joins the foray of politics as a candidate for the first time.

* The statesman travels the world at the turn of the millennium: the last big stop on Mark's international world sojourn to date: Poland.

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The Political Playwright: (can also be seen by clicking on the title link, above)

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The Education of a Politician

In 1964, while Barack Obama was probably learning his ABC's in Hawaii, Mark Greene, as a Catholic school grade schooler in Detroit, was busy corresponding with the White House, writing a speech, and receiving accolades from a top Johnson White House assistant. Mark didn't waste a lot of time with Archie & Veronica comic books, he was too busy writing presidents, studying encyclopedias and reading "Newsweek" and "Life." While his peers were watching shows like "My Three Sons," "Dennis the Menace," "Ozzie & Harriet," "The Donna Reed Show," and "The Patty Duke Show," Mark was busy watching "Walter Cronkite" and "Meet the Press."

Mark had little time for foolishness, as he had an innate awareness that he would one day assume a leadership role in politics. From the beginning, the nuns said this boy was studious and serious, though sometimes a bit of a comedian. Mark read many passages…

Mark's Financial Site is Up and Running

The financial website for Mark Greene's Secretary of State campaign for 2012 is up and running. Supporters of Mark and "Commons" will now have easy on-line access to contribute money for this campaign. Mark's campaign is beginning to take on an aura of competitiveness that will at least bring him through the "Top 2" primary. Mark has been an ardent supporter of the "Top 2" primary system which, along with its other attributes, allows voters to vote for any candidate for a particular position regardless of that candidate's party or independent status. One of "Commons's" affiliate committees helped to put the "Top 2" primary initiative on the ballot.

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Mark's Financial/Contribution Website: can be seen by clicking on the title link, above.

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