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Rep. Smith: An Enabler of Overreaching Govt. Surveillance

As we promised in our previous post, Commoner researched Rep. Adam Smith's (WA - 9th District) votes on the various so-called Patriot Acts, and as we suspected he is a reliable lackey for overbearing government intrusion and overreach, the sort of surveillance that author George Orwell warned about in his book about the future of fascism, "1984."  Some political commentators, that are more well versed about the technical aspects of the Obama govt.'s dragnet and spying on virtually all American citizens than we are, have said that the current apparatus that is in place now makes Orwell's imaginations look almost tame, believe it or not.  Orwell, after all, is the author who first came up with the term Big Brother through his "1984" best-seller (actually published in the year 1949).  Also, lest we forget, Smith is one of Obama's biggest supporters.  Smith did manage to vote right in '05, not coincidentally the year following the last time that Ma…