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I-432 Is Important

Initiative 432, if enacted, would give common citizens a better opportunity to gain leadership positions in government and it would make uncontested elections far less likely; uncontested in the sense that only one person's name is on the ballot, usually the incumbent. Mark Greene and the Party of Commons unfortunately are not making much progress, with only 4 months left, to get a quarter million signatures to bring this issue to the forefront. We are fighting an image problem, however, because there is a widespread misconception about the word "common," which does not mean unintelligent, or unread, or unsophisticated, a few of several negative stereotypes associated with this word. It means of or relating to the whole community, which gives this word an inclusive meaning.

Therefore, the Party of Commons has an inclusive philosophy and cares about providing for the whole, not just exclusive sections of our society. Although most people, if not all, associate themselve…

Not Likely That Chairman Will Run for Sheriff

Despite Mark Greene's credentials in the legal field and as a former Marine, it is not likely that he will throw his hat in the ring as a write-in candidate for sheriff of King County. Without significant money, such an undertaking could not succeed without the respect of the corporate mainstream news media and their sycophants in the blogosphere, and of course they only respect the go-along, get-along politicos that are a major part of the problem in politics, or the super rich politicians, or those who have managed to get the backing of the wealthy. Not to mention that the chairman has more than he can handle trying to get enough signatures for Initiative 432.

Nonetheless, "Commons" still realizes the importance of contested elections, poor odds or not, and we are trying to get a recruit to take on this challenge of running for sheriff. It wouldn't be an easy task to run as a write-in candidate in a county-wide election as a member of our party, especially consideri…