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"Commons" Makes Pre-Primary Campaign Swing

With the election just days away, Mark Greene is on the verge of either placing 1st or 2nd place and qualifying for the general election in the race for Metropolitan King County Council in the 9th District. Although 2nd place would not be an outright victory, it would be a victory nonetheless, because it would keep us in the running, and give us time to overturn the overwhelming advantages of the incumbent, advantages that include money, excessive use of taxpayer funded brochures for ostensible government purposes, and all the other advantages of incumbency that, in virtually all governmental positions, have made practical lifetime tenures practically unchallengeable. However, that doesn't mean that there shouldn't be challenges or that changes to laws to bring about fairer elections, such as publically financed elections, shouldn't be made.

"Commons" is making a concerted pre-primary swing through the 9th District in order to secure the second spot for Mark, and…

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Voting For the New

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Every New Year's Eve, the cry goes out around the nation: "Ring out the old, ring in the new!" This year, as the Seattle Times would probably put it, you have a chance to vote for the Party of Commons (the Times, in their editorial endorsing the incumbent, Dunn, said that Mark Greene was running as a Party of Commons candidate). Mark never denied that the election for county council was non-partisan, but he also never denied his new party, or his affiliation to it as founder and chairman. Virtually no non-partisan election in government is without its partisan influences, and you can be sure that the incumbent in this election has the backing of the state Republican party, and in the unlikely event that Dunn finished 3rd in the primary, the Republicans would be backing Harison Tonda in the general. So in a sense, the Times is right and the Party of Commons could become prominent in a general election through the August 18th vote, just on the basis of…

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A post that was formerly on "Commoner" has been transferred to our "Common Denominator" blog (can see it by clicking on title link, above).

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National Health Care

The Party of Commons has supported a national health care plan in which all citizens would have access to affordable health insurance since our inception on November 23, 2006. We are now going on record as supporting a public option health insurance plan in which the government would compete with private insurers for health coverage. The private insurance program as presently constituted is unaffordable to many Americans and has many flaws, including a avaricious profit motive that has undermined the very health of the insured that should be the primary objective of any health plan. The high cost of these private plans leaves millions of Americans, especially the unemployed, the self-employed, or those employed with small businesses, completely uninsured. The health care business is very complicated, and with our focus on helping Mark Greene win the 9th District council seat on the Metropolitan King County Council, we have not been following the varying plans in Congress as closely as…