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Fascist Winds Still Blowing

With the fascistic atmosphere from the Bush II years still careening in public and private affairs, and the Democrats controlling Congress in no hurry, if inclined at all, to roll back some of the most corrosive elements of that era, the Ron Reagan radio show had an interesting segment about a student, yesterday; an American we believe, who is caught up in the so-called Patriot Act. Under the Patriot Act statute, citizens and others can be arrested with no due process rights whatsoever, nor even have the evidence of wrongdoing, if any, presented against them while they are locked away in, possibly, a secret prison, and undergoing, possibly, "enhanced interrogations." Unfortunately, listening in somewhere around the middle of the segment, we didn't get the full story as reported on the program. However, a student is locked up, his mother, who was on the radio program, is very concerned and proclaims her son's innocence, and the Constitution has been thrown out the …

Blog News III

An important new post on "Coliseum" relating to a "Commons" campaign announcement on 5/6/09.
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"Commons" will still give our other blog updates on "Commoner," but this will be more or less weekly in nature. Daily updates will be on our Twitter site:

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Resisters to the Status Quo

With the encrusted problems in our nation and a decrepit and morally challenged Congress overseeing the government, the easiest thing for us to do is to throw up are hands and just go along for the ride, but thankfully many Americans are saying they're not just going to stand by and accept the status quo. It seems the government needs to be encouraged through more peaceful, democratic activity to do the right thing, such as withdrawing from Iraq on a swift timetable. Fortunately, those pushing for withdrawal did not cease, at the change of administrations, their peaceful protests to encourage the leaders to move towards that direction. To be sure, these protests are not large, but it only takes a few to inspire the masses.

On other issues, lone individuals, and small and large groups have taken courageous stands in peacefully and democratically challenging the status quo: such as individuals in the government who serve as whistle blowers against something they know is immoral; an…