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Scandalous Associates: Municipal League & Some of their Buddies

Sources that have come up have caused speculation that the King County Municipal League's rating of Mark Greene was no surprise and no accident given that the outcome may have been preordained long before Mark filled out a questionnaire and went on a League interview. It seems that certain quarters supporting Ms. Huff -- if not in her camp -- were worried about Mark's rising popularity in King County, especially in East King County, and that some people in the Muni League are connected in some way with the Sims-Logan-Huff King County Elections Department, possibly someone from the so-called elections oversight committee, or some other person or persons from the Muni League closely acquainted with Elections Department personnel. It would be nice if some enterprising journalist would get to the bottom of this scandal. Dream on, caretakers of democracy.

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Municipal League Bows to Corporate Nemeses With "Yessir"

Powerful influential corporate bosses, concerned about my political popularity in Washington by voting boxscores and generally, and not pleased by the League's qualifying rating for me in '09, ordered the King County Municipal League this year to ruin this guy (me) politically forever. The League bowed to their masters, said "Yessir," and went about their rating sleaziness. They probably have good reason to think that a lot of people take their ratings seriously, as many are unaware that it is a charade directed by the Establishment and the overall corporate mammoth. So I will have a lot of work to convince the people that all of this is the present reality of elections in America, and that we can't let the organizations of the Establishment instruct us on how to vote, otherwise we are ceding our vote to the same behemoth that wants so much to turn our nation into a Medieval-type feudal society, with the masses as their serfs.

- by Mark Greene

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