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New Blogs

The Party of Commons has started a new blog, "Evergreen," that will be about the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest, generally, and the environment. This blog, "Commoner," will be more about national and general interests, and "Evergreen" will concentrate on Washington and the region, and ecological matters. You can see it by clicking on the title link, above.

We think these two blogs will compliment each other well. We also have a Yahoo blog, "Red Wings," the biography of our chairman, Mark Greene, but you will have to go through a special entry, as explained on the main blog page, in order to see it.


Red Wings:


We have started yet another blog on April 25, 2009, called "Senator" (recognizing the Party of Commons Senate), which will cover election campaigns that the Party of Commons is involved in, national issues, and issues from states ou…

Wall Street Republi-crat Agenda

In a perfect storm for their agenda, the Democrats and the Wall Street Republicans came together with their globalist and free trade mantra in the 80's, 90's and Zeroes and basically enlargened competition in all sectors of the labor force in order to drive down wages, as these changes would be better for their corporate bosses to control and threaten workers with firing from their jobs. The agenda of some of the Democrats is apparently to institute some kind of Pollyanna-ish one worldism. The result is that Democrats and Republicans are trying to turn America upside down, which is why we must vote the Republi-crats out of office. This is still the United States of America, not America, Inc.

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Web of Scoundrels

With the all the revelations about torture, extraordinary renditions, and brutish little secret prisons around the world being run by the government coming out drip by drip, there are indeed a web of scoundrels in the Congress, intelligence agencies, and elsewhere in the government that break Constitutional, Christian and general moral edicts against cruel and unusual punishment, and the Obama administration is, by and large, shrugging it off. This in a country that has pretty much a merciless criminal justice system, where the federal government and the states lock up more people for longer periods of time than just about anywhere else in the world, for mostly non-violent though nominally criminal acts.

We know why the Pelosi-crats did not impeach Bush & Cheney for a variety of reasons in the two years that they shared power together, because the Pelosi-crat leadership was joined to the hip with the Cheney-Bush administration in violating Constitutional and international laws in…

The Party of Commons Senate

It appears a few feathers have been ruffled because our chairman, Mark Greene, has been referring to himself as a senator. Mark doesn't have to justify his title to detractors of the Party of Commons, but he never claimed to be a senator in the United States Senate. That should be a clue to people whom it didn't dawn on that there are senators in institutions other than the U.S. Senate. Mark Greene is, in fact, a senator in the Party of Commons Senate, a uniquely established entity in our party apparatus, which will be the institution for our most distinguished members, who in turn will serve as our senior advisory committee for party affairs.


The Party of Commons Senate page can be seen by clicking on title link, above.

Mark's first person essay entitled, "I Am a Senator," is in the comments section.

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The Limbaugh-ite DisInformation Campaign

The Limbaugh-ite Propaganda Machine, still reeling due to the fact that the McCain-Palin ticket was defeated in the election, has continued with the disinformation campaign that they used during the election campaign. For instance, the disinformation about President Obama's place of birth, which is completely ludicrous. To us, the most credible proof that the president was born in Hawaii is the fact that a Hawaiian newspaper, published in 1961, listed his birth. However, the Limbaugh-ite Propaganda Machine, run by the Limbaugh-ite glitterati for the most part, does not care about facts, because their mission is to spread disinformation and propaganda.

Now, they are telling lies, sending false e-mails, and making all kinds of wild assertions about the president's position on guns and the Second Amendment, and we won't give the lies more traction by repeating and discrediting them in this essay. Suffice it to say from our standpoint that the president firmly supports the …