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Europe's Iron Lady

Unjustly imprisoned since August, 2011. (click on Tymoshenko's name, above, for link to her blog)

Illiberal Charade

While campaigning across the 9th District, I have been finding that the gap between the perception of our public officials and the reality of their actions is quite wide, such as there seems to be this persistent belief in the 9th that Rep. Adam Smith is a liberal Democrat when, in fact, he is one of the most hawkish, globally interventionist-minded and conservative members of Congress, period.  Although, Congressional Democrats, generally, are more conservative than what most believe, and decisively to the  right of Eisenhower/Nixon-era Republicans, and pretty much like Reagan-era Republicans.  Most voters in the 9th don't realize that Smith voted to effectively dismantle the Glass-Steagall Act, the bank regulatory act from the 1930's that kept the banks from conducting reckless policies with the public's money.  As a result of Smith and the majority of his colleagues' votes (and Bill Clinton's signing of this de-regulatory bill), the banks went wild during the B…

Full Employment Bill Should Be Started & Passed

With U.S. unemployment statistics still startlingly high and the government trying to pass bills that they know would increase unemployment, it's time for Congress to counteract these trends with a Full Employment for Citizens Act.  This kind of federal bill would give tax breaks to corporations that go significantly beyond normal realms to increase their employments rolls, federal money to states that start on-the-job programs for their citizens, and provide that the U.S. government be the employer of last resort for any citizen that cannot get a job through the private sector or a state on-the-job program.  A companion bill should also base part of taxes for corporations on the ratio of executive to general workforce pay.  So the wider the ratio, the higher the specified tax, e.g., a 75 - 1 gap of executive to workforce pay would pay a higher specified tax than a 50 - 1 ratio.  The basis for a rolling specified tax of this sort would be for corporations to hire more general emp…