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I-432 Gets Boost

Initiative to the Washington Legislature, no. 432, has received a new boost with unexpected help from an influential source. This initiative, if made law, would make it easier for common citizens to run for public office by lowering signature requirements for election candidacy petitions in which the candidate does not have the economic wherewithal to pay the filing fee. One example would be a person who wants to run for the United States House of Representatives: if that potential candidate cannot pay the approximate one thousand seven hundred dollars for the filing fee, then, under our initiative, he or she would need only 200 signatures on an election candidacy petition from registered voters in the district that he or she is running in. Candidates for statewide office would need 500 signatures. Candidates for local positions, generally, would need 50 signatures. One improvement from this initiative would be less uncontested races on the ballot in which there is only one candidate&…