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Shaking Hands With the Colossus of the Bizarre

With the announcement of the appointment of the former Iowa governor, Tom Vilsack, as Secretary of Agriculture, Obama has signaled he is more than willing to shake hands with the major opponent of healthy food and rational science, the Monsanto Corporation. Vilsack has been a cheerleader for Monsanto, a company which relishes high profits at the expense of human health, and is a leader in the science of the bizarre. This corporation is the major promoter and producer of genetically engineered foods, which continue to be unlabled (that is apparently fine with the Pelosi-crat Congress) and, generally, this corporation is an example of the worst aspects of the biotechnology field. Genetically engineered food is highly bizarre and untested, and should not be confused with hybrid agriculture that does not change the molecular structure of seeds and plants.

Vilsack has also been a cheerleader for changing food into fuels, which has led to an increase in the price of food commodities and, g…

Corporate Media Hostile to Democracy

When Mark Greene ran for Secretary of State, earlier this year, the Seattle Times greeted the opening of the candidate filings with outright open bias. They listed the names of Reed and Osgood as candidates, but left off Greene and another candidate named Montgomery. Their pre-primary editorial about the candidates also listed their preferred candidates, Reed and Osgood, but not the others. They did not even list the results of the election for every candidate. This is the same newspaper that endorsed George Bush for president in 2000. Their endorsement worked: we now have the Bush Regime.

This Corporate Mainstream News Media is as arrogant, anti-commoner and imperialistic-minded as Bush and Cheney, and just as hostile to democracy and constitutional norms. Which is why independents and third party candidates will never receive unbiased coverage or any at all in the corporate media. The CMNM has defended Bush and Cheney to the hilt and have never questioned them about their high c…