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Blog News XLVIII

Mark surpassed a thousand signatures needed to get on the ballot for Director of Elections more than a week ago. It's all but certain now that the campaign will get at least a few hundred more signatures than the requisite number needed, but do not put it pass the King County elections department to defeat the petition by nitpicking the names on the petition with incredulous rulings, thereby enabling them to get from under a contested election. If the petition is good enough to be turned in, which it probably will be, Mark will be on the ballot. The campaign does not need one more signature than the requisite number in the law, but will turn in many more than that number (please, see statement further below regarding the campaign's appeal to the general public for help in getting signatures).

Mark has met thousands during the campaign and has impressed many by his knowledge of election administration, including preparing for the important 2012 redistricting that will be a cent…