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Reid Should Reform Filibuster Rules

Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, has so abused the filibuster system in the U.S. Senate, that reform of it has become necessary.  We don't know what the exact statistics are, but McConnell uses the filibuster as a matter of course when he doesn't like the least little thing, when historically it was saved for the most crucially important or controversial matters, and thus it has been used during McConnell's leadership extravagantly more than ever in Senate history.  To top it off, they don't even have to filibuster with old-fashioned speechmaking for long hours like they used to, all they have to do is make some kind of motion, and it's in place.  It's all too convenient and not in accordance with true democracy since it's being abused, now.

Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic Majority Leader, should put a stop to McConnell's cynical games and implement the old-fashioned rules wherein a filibustering senator would have to speak and hold the floo…

Brokaw's Out-Of-Touchness

Spoken just like someone that hasn't had to worry about money in decades, Multimillionaire newsman, Tom Brokaw, was on "Meet the Press," today, and implied that anyone who only made 250 thousand dollars a year was not rich, but practically struggling.  He's as out of touch and aloof from the real world as the arrogant senator from Oklahoma, Tom Coburn, the senator who implied that anybody who makes less than 175 thousand dollars a year (or whatever Congressional pay is these days) is not worthy to be in Congress.  Brokaw said something else ridiculous on the program, but unless we see the re-run, it's not remembered well.  It was probably something about the practicality of raising the social security retirement age to 70.  Of course, using that perverse logic, it would be real "practical" to raise the age to 99 if your goal is small government rather than domestic tranquility.  Once again, another round of the big lie that social security has anything…