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The Ungrand Rollback

The so-called Big Liberal, President Obama, has now proposed rolling back cost of living adjustments to Social Security [S.S.I.] recipients even though S.S.I. has nothing whatsoever to do with the "great deficit" dilemma other than that the Government can't stop stealing from it enough in order to keep up with financing the General Fund.  Now, that ought to strip a percentage point or two off of Mitt Romney's 47%.  So while the "Big Liberal" was getting millions of votes from people that desperately depend on S.S.I. -- they don't hire 62-year-old people, anymore, even though it is against the law -- he was deceptively planning on making a so-called "Grand Bargain" with his supposed irascible political opponents; a name for a plan that Obama never used in any of his campaign speeches, of course.  So much for protecting core principles of the base that gets you elected president twice.

The whole idea that the New Deal and Great Society programs…

The Four Great Crises of the Early Twenty-First Century

Never in history has the world faced such daunting challenges as we face today, and they would be minimized or underestimated at our peril, which is why we cannot long continue to thread the status quo of being entrenched in the same policies that have caused the problems in the first place or do-nothingism, whether that of the Obamanesque approach (talk big and do the opposite) or the throwing-up-our-hands-in-despair approach.

Global warming:  while Barack Obama, Jr. was making trickster speeches about making oceans recede, his representatives were, in fact, doing everything possible to sabotage the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference of 2009, and they did that very well, to the dismay of environmentalists who had hoped to build up on where "Kyoto" left off.  Today, Obama is waiting for the right moment to approve the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline, another disaster in the making, and a further entrenchment of greenhouse gases as usual, which will dramatically increase global wa…