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Not Really a Two Party System in America

More Custom Than System
The lie makes its rounds at convenient times, in other words, opportunistically, during campaigns and elections for political office in America.  The lie is very powerful and potent, and its effect is amazingly consistent and dominating, and it goes something like this: "We have a two-party system, and don't you dare step outside it, because any other parties or political forces outside of our Democrat-and-Republican controlled apparatus is essentially misfit, trouble-making and unAmerican."  The problem with this lie is that even the relatively short history of the United States negates it as multiple parties beyond just two played a much more prominent role nationally in the first hundred years of the republic, and even since 1876, political parties outside of Democrats and Republicans have helped to shape and define the political landscape, especially on the state level.  So let's be absolutely clear, there is not a constitutio…