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Write-In Campaign Bogged Down by Paperwork

The write-in Mark Greene for King County Sheriff campaign has been delayed from starting more campaign rallies as a result of case litigation involving Mark's campaign in federal court. The latest rally was the somewhat disappointing Green Parade last month. The paperwork is bogging Mark down as he is working on his own case due to the ACLU not taking it on as requested. Among his several titles, Mark is a paralegal and he has been doing extensive research and general paperwork in working on this landmark case, which not only could make Mark's candidacy official, but might come up with the bonus of making it easier for Washington commoners to run for office in the future. This has affected Mark's active campaigning, of course, but he intends to get back on the campaign trail as much as possible next week. The word-of-mouth communication from the masses about this election has been of tremendous value as the corporate mainstream news media and their blogosphere lieutenants,…

CMNM Receives Their Marching Orders: "Don't Report on Election"

The corporate mainstream news media (CMNM) in Seattle is under pressure from events in the courtroom and under probable instructions from the larger corporate powers to not report about the sheriff's election in King County or the litigation in the federal court involving the election. The CMNM realizes that Mark Greene's write-in campaign for sheriff is already making headway through word-of-mouth communication and the internet, and they are very concerned that the court might rule one of the state election statutes unconstitutional or make some other ruling which would be newsworthy, because then the pressure on them to report on the election, which would be a boon for Mark's write-in effort, would be immense.

Also, see the essay entitled "State Powers" in the Coliseum blog.

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Progressives Rallying Around Mark

In a little over a month, the write-in Mark Greene for Sheriff campaign in King County has made amazing progress as economic progressives all over the county rally around Mark. Even while the corporate mainstream news media has ignored the campaign, the news is spreading quickly that there's actually an election for sheriff going on, and word-of-mouth communication about this election in the Puget Sound area is only surpassed by the Seattle mayoral and King County executive contests. Progressives are particularly excited about the possibility of a progressive sheriff - a rarity in the United States of America.

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Seattle's Version of "FOX News"

The right wing suburban newspaper publishing company, Sound Publishing, Inc., operating mostly in the Seattle suburbs, has become Seattle's print and on-line version of "FOX news." In other words, essentially a right wing propagandist and demagogic media outlet. Their papers often go under the title and misnomer, "Reporter." During the primary election for King County Council, the paper was practically an arm of Councilman Reagan Dunn's campaign. Sound Publishing, Inc. has no regard whatsoever for electoral fairness in the community and it's really not a newspaper as far as we are concerned; it's basically a Republican campaign sheet in news print. However, like FOX News itself, a lot of people pay attention to them and they are politically significant, but the news should start to get out that this company and their papers are not mainstream news, but right wing, corporatist propaganda.

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