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Errors and Humor ...

... and the serious business of government.

If somebody is looking for a drab and dour political party, the Party of Commons will not be the place to find it. Even in the serious field of politics & government, we like to have a little fun every now and then, but only in a wholesome way. By the way, in this age of new communication, it's not hard to make some faux pas or inadvertent missteps with all the writing we do on blogs, websites, or through commenting, but we can only correct the errors on sites we control, so our apology to anyone who might be offended by our sense of humor or mistakes we make.

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All Three Competitors Pass Municipal League Interview

Mark Greene, Reagan Dunn, and Beverly Harison Tonda have all passed the interview rating process of the Municipal League of King County. This is an extra boost for Mark's campaign, because naturally, not being an already in place incumbent, like Dunn, would be a little less advantageous as it relates to the knowledge of council issues and other factors that the Municipal League takes into consideration. Dunn was initially appointed to the council, but was later elected in his own right as the Republican intelligentsia and the corporate establishment backed him to the hilt, and he and Rob McKenna, the Washington Attorney General, have since been regarded as princes by the state Republican Party. McKenna has endorsed Dunn, and previously endorsed John McCain, and in fact was McCain's presidential campaign honcho in Washington state. According to, McKenna has also called on people to send contributions to Dunn's campaign. McCain-McKenna-Hutchison-Dunn: that sho…

Blog News XIV

Formerly on this blog, there are new posts in "Coliseum": and "Evergreen":

There is also a new post in "Contrarian":

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