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About "Red Wings" Prologue

Red Wings is the biography of the chairman of the Party of Commons, Mark Greene. The names in Red Wings are not necessarily the real names of the persons described in the biography. Red Wings will not be in exact chronological order. The Prologue will be published on on New Year's Day. Red Wings will be published there, generally.

[This report was revised on 12/7/08.]

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The Unconstitutional Slippery Slope

The news is out; it's being reported, generally, that the announcement of the appointment of Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State will be this week. However, she's not eligible for this appointment because of the "emoluments" clause in the United States Constitution (Article 1, Section 6). In other words, senators and representatives cannot be appointed to an executive branch position in which they would benefit from pay increases that were enacted during the term in which they were elected.

A recent political cartoon in one of the Seattle newspapers had Barack Obama putting back together a shredded Constitution. That may be wishful thinking on the part of the cartoonist now that the president-elect and "constitutional scholar" is about to make what looks like an unconstitutional appointment. Don't tell us about any constitutional scholar until that person can follow or understand simple mandates from the Constitution; the "emoluments" clau…