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Mark Challenges Statute in Court

Write-in candidate for sheriff, Mark Greene, is challenging the "Declaration - Fees and Petitions" election law of the State of Washington in federal court in his bid to be declared an official candidate for sheriff. Mark has asked the Court to effectively declare the statute unconstitutional. The A.C.L.U. never responded to Mark's effort to get them interested in the case, which may be indicative of their narrow vision of civil liberties; nonetheless, the organization still does a lot of necessary and important work.

Mark, a paralegal, filed the case on his own on the 16th of September. Mark has yet to file a service of summons or to request a waiver thereof to Defendant Sherril Huff, the Director of King County Elections, nor has he given a notice of constitutional question to the state attorney general, all because of court rules; but he expects a summons or a waiver, and the notice, to be accomplished, soon.

Southern Northwest Commons:

Townsfolk Supporting Would-be Sheriff

By simply not responding to Mark's entreaty, the A.C.L.U. spurned Mark Greene in his quest to bring a federal court case against the King County Elections Department regarding the dispute over his election candidacy for sheriff and whether it should be declared official by the department. Mark, a paralegal among his other trades, will file his court case on his own. Mark will need your continued help with the petition and in donations to his write-in campaign, especially with some court costs to consider. Thanks to the townsfolk of King County for supporting Mark's candidacy for sheriff; he couldn't continue his stalwart candidacy without your support. Please, ask for a petition sheet through or send contributions to the following address:

Mark Greene for Sheriff Committee
P.O. Box 612
Bellevue, WA 98009


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