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Blog News XXXV

The write-in phase for the Mark Greene for Representative campaign (District 41, Washington) started last week and will be in full swing beginning on Tuesday, July 6.  The write-in campaign is for the August 17th primary.  By their recent actions and statements, in which they have continually stopped and criticized unemployment compensation insurance programs, Republican politicians have declared unemployed Americans as persona non grata.  This is also a signal from the Republicans that those employed had better not lose their jobs, because they won't get any support from them should that occur.

That type of antipathy towards workers is one of the reasons why voters need to bring in third party candidates into the government.  Among the Party of Commons ideas for new jobs in Washington are a big public works project, with funding derived from ending tax shelters and breaks for big business, and a renewable and sustainable energy project that would start new programs and jobs to h…