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Government of the People (King County)

The "Seabiscuit" drive to the election!

The write-in Mark Greene for sheriff campaign is about to enter a new stage, holding rallies in various King County towns and cities, especially Seattle. We will have to delay this new phase for one more day - more paperwork, meaning that it will start on October 19th. The economic progressive Party of Commons will be front and center campaigning for Mark. We're not worrying about Constantine & McGinn, anymore, they are steadily walking down the plank called caution and convention. Good luck, but Mark and "Commons" will take a different route: the unapologetic call for progressivism, environmentalism and representing the interests of the people. The masses of King County shall rally the nation!

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Rahr's Putdown

Sheriff Sue Rahr's putdown of Dow Constantine begs for a political response by Constantine, but will he just shrug his shoulders? Well, at least it was gracious of Rahr to have a reported "closed-door" session about public safety with Constantine's camp (we don't know or remember if it was before or after Rahr's "non-endorsement" of Hutchison). A nice, little pat on the back for Dow by Rahr. So sweet.

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Constantine and McGinn

They can either do something dramatic or lose just like a long ago, very cautious Democratic presidential nominee.

The polls are not looking good for either Seattle mayoral candidate Mike McGinn or King County Executive candidate Dow Constantine. Both candidates are beginning to look like the hapless Michael Dukakis, the Democratic Party's presidential nominee in 1988. Dukakis ran a conventional, cautious campaign and got beat by Bush I. Constantine and McGinn had better learn from Dukakis' mistake and they don't have a lot of time. What should they do? They should make a joint announcement that they are supporting the Marine veteran, Mark Greene's write-in campaign for King County Sheriff. It would be a little risky, politically; there would be political fallout, and it would probably play right into the hands of Constantine & McGinn. Would Constantine and McGinn actually do that? Doubtful, because both candidates and their advisers look a little too Dukakis-…

Rahr and Hutchison

God bless Seabiscuit! Just when we thought that the write-in Mark Greene for Sheriff campaign might have to settle for no more than possibly changing the election edifice in Washington to a more level playing field for commoners who don't receive big corporate dollars (see previous essays about the "Greene v. Huff" election case in federal court), suddenly Sheriff Sue Rahr decided to openly align herself with one of the candidates for County Executive, the other Sue, Susan Hutchison. This was reported in, today, on their political blog. If this is not an outright endorsement by Rahr for Hutchison, it's practically one, and at least we know where the sheriff candidates stand on the question of who should be the next County Executive. "Commons" has long ago endorsed Dow Constantine for Executive, Hutchison's opponent.

Considering that the news media has chosen not to report about Mark Greene's write-in campaign, the scheduled appearance …

To Rally a Nation

During the Great Depression of the 1930's, President Franklin D. Roosevelt lifted the nation from morass, turmoil and economic failure with lofty speeches, "New Deal" programs and charismatic confidence. Yet, the nation was buoyed by non-political sources as well, such as that by the plucky racehorse named Seabiscuit, the near perrenial also-ran that became a champion. A somewhat unusual looking racehorse that was never given much hope of being anything but a throw-in, Seabiscuit lifted the spirits of millions at a time when the nation needed rallying the most.

It just goes to show how the unexpected, even a horse, can inspire us to our greater instincts, like faith, hope and courage. We may not end up a champion like Seabiscuit, but through our efforts and steadfastness for the sake of good will, liberty and charity, we can rally the nation.

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In the Spirit of Seabiscuit

Bogged down by court paperwork, pressured by state powers, ignored by the corporate mainstream news media, hounded by shadowy government elements and all but penniless, the write-in Mark Greene for King County sheriff campaign will need a near miracle to pull off a victory, but in the spirit of the famous great depression-era racehorse, Seabiscuit, Mark's campaign is stubbornly making progress against all odds.

Litigation moves this week may ensure that votes for Mark will be counted by the Elections Department. The campaign is scheduled to start full active campaigning, again, on October 18th; that will give us two full weeks to tie up a victory.

In the spirit of Seabiscuit, please, send a small monetary contribution to this campaign (address below).

Mark Greene for Sheriff Committee: P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009

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