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Initiative 1338: New GMO Labeling Petition Ready to Go: Need Volunteers

Update (2/8/14):  GMO Labeling opponents have appealed the Attorney General's ballot title & summary for Initiative 1338 to Thurston County Superior Court, and these opponents are trying to craft misleading wording for the initiative that would practically ensure its defeat at the polls.  The Party of Commons supports the Attorney General's wording.  The petition is ready to be sent out the moment the decision is rendered by the court, just write for your sheet to keep as a master copy to make copies for signatures that you gather.  This is hardly going to break your wallet -- 500 signatures would be about $10.

State of Washington:After the defeat of the GMO Labeling Initiative 522, Washington should try again to get some kind of initiative to label genetically engineered or modified food, and the Party of Commons will lend a hand to that effort by sponsoring an Initiative to the People (522 was not ours), but this time, it will be a compromise effort to strike a balance be…