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Blog News XLII

Initiative 472, sponsored by chairman Mark Greene, is up and running. This initiative will eliminate monetary requirements and lower signature requirements for economically disadvantaged candidates for political office.  To get involved with this latest petition drive or to simply sign it, please, send us an e-mail at

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Dirty Tricks, Immorality and Hypocritic Bluster

The release of information in government documents through various sources, including the New York Times, continues to show that the Obama admin. is not any more moral than his predecessors in the last half century.  In other words, this administration's talk about "change" was snake oil for the masses, intended primarily to get the "constitutional scholar" elected, and the change that has been enacted so far appears to be an effort to make Bush II look, believe it or not, less authoritarian than the present administration.  Reportedly, the Secretary of State in the present administration, Hillary Clinton, is going around telling people to collect (actually, steal) DNA and private documents of U.N. officials, which would appear to be an effort to compromise or pressure them through frame-ups, blackmail, extortion, bribery or other immoral deeds.  Of course, there are the usual falsifications and distortions of facts to make other countries look bad, protection…