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Christina Taylor Green

We never knew of her existence until yesterday's tragic events in Arizona when an assassin targeted Congresswoman Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords, who has survived, though gravely injured, and her constituents, several injured or dead, yet it seemed as though we knew this girl, who passed far too early in life, for a lifetime. Like Chairman Mark Greene, Christina Taylor Green was interested in politics at a very young age (9 years old). Christina was on her school's student council. In the act of trying to meet her congresswoman, her life was taken by a madman. It's all very sad, outrageous and numbing. Though these kind of murders are sadly not infrequent either in America or around the world, it is reading and knowing about one girl that makes us feel really sad. A young girl who liked politics and could have been a great politician is gone now; may she rest in peace for eternity in Heaven.

Christina Taylor Green, 2001 - 2011

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