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Unwarranted and ridiculous saber-rattling by the Obama administration: the latest in "Eye on Congress."

Special Election: WA 30th District

The Party of Commons, a.k.a. Revived Citizens Party, Washington Environmental Party, is considering sponsoring a candidate for the vacant WA 30th District legislative seat in the 2015 special election, which will be held because Rep. Roger Freeman passed away last October.  If our party picks somebody to run, that person will represent the average person struggling to find or maintain a sustainable job, a decent, affordable place to live, and also wanting to live in a wholesome society that respects the U.S. Constitution, treaties the nation has signed, civil liberties, sound environmental policies, socio-economic justice and non-imperialistic values that always condemns torture.

If we decide to have a candidate and we win, Commons will sponsor resolutions in the Capitol that calls for dismantling armed drones through a multilateral treaty, and nuclear armaments in accordance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.  We call on everybody that agrees with us and reading these words …

Presently Derailed

The phrase "going off the rails" has been repeatedly used in the wake of the just released torture reports that implicates the C.I.A. in brazenly violating U.S. laws and international conventions. Though true, what's also going off the rails is not looking at present-day national or localized policies, such as the arbitrary, indiscriminate and reckless armed drone policies that are also immoral, a lack of accountability (and being ordered to do something illegal, as "Nuremberg" showed, is not a good defense), the militarization of police forces, and generally speaking, in not cleaning house by democratically and thoroughly changing the government from past and present-day incumbent "one-party" rule.  The nation is presently derailed.

[revision on 12/14/14]


Overdoing H1B Visas
Believe it or not, high tech corporations in America are trying to pressure Congress into opening up the gates, so to speak, so that these corporations can import millions of people from overseas for H1B visas to work in their companies in the nation.   Keep in mind that Congress already grants special visas to hundreds of thousands of these type of workers over a period of years, and probably a million already at any one time.  America is a nation based on a common culture, history and values, not a gargantuan human resources office for the entire world.

Congress needs to make that point clear.  If these corporations need workers, hire Americans.  If they don't think enough of the citizenry is trained well enough for their needs, then maybe they need to start paid apprenticeships and training centers, or more of them.  It's not that complicated, even for the "best and the brightest."

[Revised on 6/2/15.]

New Petitioning Effort Regarding GMO Labeling

No sense in downplaying it, because the right to know about GMOs in retail-sold food is important, but secondary to what our labeling campaigns are really about, because what they're really about is letting the nation know that GMOs are a growing poisonous aspect of today's agricultural landscape, and what little scientific research has been done regarding GMOs has shown that they are a threat to the environment, a toxin to animals' bodies, and thus a menace to human bodies, not to mention to the entire natural world that depends on natural food for its survival.  Letting a handful of corporations dictate virtually the nation's entire food policy and twisting the natural order for their own monetary gain is repulsive, and hardly gains the attention that it deserves in the mainstream news media and in the halls of government.  Though, it gets amazingly little attention, this is no small matter, because a relative handful of people, who could care less about the ecology…

Of 2 Rightist Parties in D.C., Voters Go Hard Right

The most ironic comment of the post-election analysis came on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show, today, when one of the commentators said (paraphrasing), "Well, the voters just think the wheels are falling off of the car," meaning the car as the country.  Yeah right, so just turn over the keys to the folks that almost drove it over the cliff in '08, and everything will be just fine.  When, however, for all intents and purposes, you only have two right wing, laissez faire parties to choose from, voters apparently decided that going hard right, i.e., with the Republican Party, made more sense than going for right wing lite, the Democratic Party. 

Such is the dilemma of politics in America where there is a void of immense proportions and no strong left-of-center party in sight since corporatist-oriented Democrats Bill Clinton, Dick Gephardt and Tony Coelho reshaped the party of F.D.R. 20 to 25 years ago, to the dismay of the nation that actually had two opposing pa…

Election Day's "Musical Chairs"

Few Excuses As Voters Get Ready to Merely Switch Factions in a Few Days

Not voting is worst than switching back and forth between the two major parties, or the two respective factions of America's single party, the Democratic-Republican Party, but there are other options on the ballot.  You see, most Americans have a third party or independent choice on the ballot.  In Washington state, that was through the already past "Top 2" primary, but voters simply decided, by and large, not to vote for a third option.   There's basically no excuse for continuing the cycle of endless "one-party" control and accomplishing pretty much nothing politically besides playing musical chairs every 2 or few years.  And you thought Mexico's PRI had a long run until about a decade ago, although reinstated in the presidency, again, fairly recently, but the U.S. Democratic-Republican rein could be centuries long if voters don't change their robotic habits. 

Many voters ine…

One Party States

China and America: Not Much Difference In a Lot of Ways
The city of Hong Kong, China has been going through major disruptions and protests in the last few days as many residents don't want the central government to vet and nominate their candidates for political office in that city, which a little like Quebec, Canada, have their own set of special rules that makes the city different than the rest of China.  Ever since 1997, when British colonial rule ended, Hong Kong has had some political autonomy, but now is on edge since that special autonomy may end as well.  In other words, Hong Kong may become politically a lot like America, now, but unlike Hong Kong, we in America are conditioned to political authoritarianism.  In America, after all, parties other than the Democratic-Republican Party can't get on the ballot or can barely get on in many instances due to a varying patchwork of unconstitutional laws that makes it considerably harder for ballot access for most partisan poli…

Common Citizens Being Overrun By Internationalism

In these days, when common citizens of America can hardly get the "holy grail" of a job, anymore, because of elite internationalists running most of the big companies in the nation, and favoring foreigners or internationalists over citizens who refuse to be internationalists for their executives and managers, and increasingly for the overall workforce, Americans who know better than to trust the political and economic status quo are going to have to redouble their efforts to compete politically against one-party "Democratic-Republican" rule in America.  The fantasy of the so-called two party system in America is becoming uncovered and exposed by the brazen internationalism of the "Democratic-Republican Party," which for a long time has allowed companies to flee to foreign destinations and permanently set up businesses and industries abroad, and still allows them to avoid paying taxes needed for, among other things, infrastructure and education, here, and…

Television & Peddling Internationalism

Fitting like a glove with their pro globalization & open borders fixation, pro internationalist MSNBC is showcasing a so-called global citizens extravaganza, as "global citizen" is just another name for "internationalist," and yet another front in that cable television network's continued propagandistic diminution of the long-standing economic and governmental foundations of which average citizens depend on their livelihood for, and the "governmental" side being a major part of our national identity.  A foundation, overall, that at least can be shaped through democratic means to work in the interests of all citizens, where citizens have every advantage, and one that upholds the common culture.  Globalization, however, is the antithesis of democracy, and the entire experiment has been a disaster for the poor and the working class, and not much better for the middle class.  America's "Democratic-Republican" party [singular] hasn't…

Fake Compassion and the Coming 2016 Elections

The "great" antagonist of the poor in Congress and former Republican vice-presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, is suddenly compassionate, if you can believe that.  Ryan came out with a ballyhooed plan earlier this year that makes out like he's so compassionate when it comes to the poor and the needy in America, though nothing could be further from the truth.  This congressman has voted to gut just about every program on the books that keeps the poor above water, including draconian cuts to nutrition programs and so-called food stamps, actually called SNAP (they haven't printed actual stamps in decades, but the tag stays around as a way for some to demean the poor).  Of course, Ryan talks like he cares about the poor and how he is supposedly trying to come up with new ideas to relieve poverty, while at the same time doing everything possible to make life on the lower economic scale as miserable as possible, such as, with his votes, he would effectively send the great ma…

Washington's Fire Crisis

Wildfires have overwhelmed parts of Washington state in recent weeks, especially Okanogan County, causing much distress and havoc.  Commoner's hopes for the state's alleviation from the stressful, dangerous situation, admiration for those counteracting the fires, and prayers for the communities in the most affected areas.

[revised on 9/28/14]

President Washington's Wisdom

Uncle Sam sends billions of dollars in foreign aid to various countries around the world, trying to effect policy, but usually with either little effect or adverse consequences.  It's about time that our nation saved money and focused on our own domestic concerns by staying out of other nation's affairs, conflicts and entanglements, by and large.  When President George Washington said the United States should stay out of foreign entanglements, some may say that seems quaint in 2014, but "quaint" sounds sensible in today's hodgepodge of international messes, and the best foreign policy we could have.

Recent posts:

The United States should stop arming the wars of foreigners.

Vassal State

Time for America to turn inward.

Not Really a Two Party System in America

More Custom Than System
The lie makes its rounds at convenient times, in other words, opportunistically, during campaigns and elections for political office in America.  The lie is very powerful and potent, and its effect is amazingly consistent and dominating, and it goes something like this: "We have a two-party system, and don't you dare step outside it, because any other parties or political forces outside of our Democrat-and-Republican controlled apparatus is essentially misfit, trouble-making and unAmerican."  The problem with this lie is that even the relatively short history of the United States negates it as multiple parties beyond just two played a much more prominent role nationally in the first hundred years of the republic, and even since 1876, political parties outside of Democrats and Republicans have helped to shape and define the political landscape, especially on the state level.  So let's be absolutely clear, there is not a constitutio…

Washington 9th District Republicans May Set Aside Party-line Vote in August 5th Primary

For practically decades, now, 9th Congressional District Republicans have been trying to deny Rep. Adam Smith reelection with the typical Republican politician, with one or two exceptions, from Hollywood Central Casting, and they came closest with Dick Muri in 2010, but still fell behind by several percentage points.  Now, that the currently shaped 9th District lined out half of all Republicans in the old 9th District, including Mr. Muri, a lot of Republicans have thrown up their hands in disgust since the 2011 redistricting deal was brokered and practically gave away the 9th to the Democratic Party, apparently in exchange for Rep. Dave Reichert (R) having a newly reshaped 8th District that is weighted a lot more to easy reelections for him than his used-to-be closely contested races. 

Some conservatives in the 9th District, however, like councilwomen Lisa Jensen (Newcastle) and Dini Duclos (Federal Way) are not necessarily persuaded that Adam Smith is unbeatable, and a…

No "World Cup" At This Campaign Headquarters

Internationalism Gone Amuck Remember the good ol' days when America's World Series used to get top billing on TV & radio and the overall cultural consciousness.  Now, the politics of our nation has been overrun by rampant internationalism, and America's media broadcast commentators and journalists have been ordered by their internationalist paymasters to downplay American sports, especially baseball, and to play up international soccer mania and its crowning "one world" symbol, the World Cup, as that has become quite evident since the tournament began, but this campaign for Congress is not taking the bait and the last time the World Cup will even be mentioned around here is in this essay.  Dismayingly, for a country desperately trying to maintain our nationhood and not to become a continental "one world" bazaar, America's liberal intelligentsia has increasingly tried to move out baseball from our schools and parks, and as a regular part of our s…

Blog News LXXVII

Updated: June 19th, 2014

WA 9th District Congressional Candidates Position Comparison Chart:

There is a kind of philosophical post, "Fool Them," largely a reminiscence of the first couple of years of the 1980s, on Mark Greene's campaign website for 2014, Reliability.  It's also on Memoirs and Poems, under a different title.  The post petition phase of the Congressional campaign has gotten off to a slow and cumbersome start, but it's still early.

Commoner is 99% certain that the 2004 G.O.P. primary election was stolen from Mark Greene and handed to a political novice. Help us solve the mystery of "The Other Curious Election of 2004" (WA 9th Congressional District U.S. Rep. primary) by contacting real journalists and asking them to look into it, and writing or calling the U.S. Attorney for Western Washington, Jenny Durkan, and requesting that she make public all matters relating to …

Memorial Day, 2014

Watching the Memorial Day observances at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C., on television, was touching and a reminder that we must always remember and honor with gratitude the servicewomen and servicemen who gave their lives in the defense of our nation.

The poem "Memorial" on Senator.

Blog News LXXVI

New post on Reliability about how and why Mark Greene got on the ballot for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 9th District of Washington in 2014, ten years after his last run for the same position in the same, though geographically changed, district.  Interesting though sometimes noting cynical aspects of democracy in America.

[revised on 5/18/14]

Commoner is 99% certain that the 2004 G.O.P. primary election was stolen from Mark Greene and handed to a political novice. Help us solve the mystery of "The Other Curious Election of 2004" (WA 9th Congressional District U.S. Rep. primary) by contacting real journalists and asking them to look into it, and writing or calling the U.S. Attorney for Western Washington, Jenny Durkan, and requesting that she make public all matters relating to the '04 primary. Regarding the journalists, ask them to use "Freedom of Information" requests to get to the bottom of this case. For more information: see 2/26/13 post entitle…

State Puts Mark Greene on Congressional Ballot

The Washington Secretary of State, Kim Wyman, certified Mark Greene as a candidate for the U.S. Congress on May 16, 2014.  Greene filed as a member of the (Revived) Citizens Party.

The Revived Citizens Party will remind voters that America is a nation, a nation of citizens where citizenship should have every advantage.  Unfortunately, Adam Smith and the Millionaire 113th Congress, in general, have lost sight of that fact.  It's past time that we, the citizens, sent them a wake-up call.

Update: April 6, 2015

Volunteers Needed: Work In Your Own Neighborhood Federal Way, WA Primary: August 4, 2015; General Election: November 3, 2015. CONTRIBUTIONS & VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. Volunteers wanted for clerical, phone work or door belling in your own neighborhood. Mark Greene is a strong advocate for making sure that our basic infrastructure needs, such as storm water/sewer systems, roads & bridges are kept up to par, and that budgeting concerns prioritize basic city responsibilities,…

Blog News LXXV

"Commons" has started a new blog this month, named Reliability, which for now, will basically cover the campaign for U.S. Representative in the 9th Congressional District of Washington in 2014, largely focusing on Mark Greene's campaign.

The long, arduous petition process, by Mark, for U.S. Representative in the 9th District is just about over.  There will be more about this effort in "Reliability" through a first person account by Mark Greene, and probably will be published either tomorrow or Saturday, May 17th.  Every major city in the 9th District is represented, although signatures from Federal Way, Bellevue, Tacoma and Newcastle predominate.  The petition will have roughly 2700 names on it, about a thousand more than the required number.  A great thanks to everyone who signed the petition, for you are especially the ones that see to it that there really is a democracy in America.  Despite that democracy in America is battered and under attack by those who w…

"Commons" Helps to Register, At Least, 500th Person

The Party of Commons reached a milestone, today, by paving the way for the first-time voter registration of, at least, the 500th citizen from Washington state since 2004.  Primarily, within the geographic boundary of what is presently the 9th Congressional District, but also in what presently comprises the 1st, 6th, 7th and 8th Districts.  "Commons" has additionally helped thousands of already registered voters update their registrations so that they would have no problems with being able to vote.


Due to revised calculations in recent days, "Commons" now believes that anywhere from 500 - 800 first-time registrants were helped in the registration process by our organization; therefore, the best guess for the actual number is halfway between those two numbers, or 650.

[Updated on 5/15/14; previously revised on 6/17/14]:

Commoner is 99% certain that the 2004 G.O.P. primary election was stolen from Mark Greene and handed to a political novice. Help us solve the mys…

Kim Wyman: Great Start as Secretary of State

Kim Wyman, the Republican former auditor elected in 2012 as Washington Secretary of State, has done an outstanding job during her 16 months of service to date.  She has made good decisions, by and large, during her tenure, and has let it be known that accurate vote counts are more important than speedy election results, although making gains in both.  Wyman is a fair and impartial election administrator, and doesn't let partisan politics get in the way of her decisions.  For instance, finding potentially, if not outright, fraudulent petitions in both liberal-oriented and conservative-oriented initiatives, thus far, during her first year of office.  As the head state election official, she is paving the way for more precise uniformity of Washington election rules, laws and administration.  [essay continued below photograph]

Thank God that Wyman won over Kathleen Drew (D), who probably would have ended up a puppet of State Senator Sharon Nelson (D) & King County Election…

Smith's Bank: Oil Magnates & Bankers

So much for being concerned about climate change/global warming when it comes between Rep. Adam Smith's campaign coffers and what's right for the environment and the fate of civilization.  Babcock and Wilcox Co. is one of Smith's contributors and also a major agent for fossil fuel and nuclear energy technologies.  Also among Smith's contributors is Realtors, an association that helped egg on the subprime mortgage crisis that has still left the economy sputtering and past homeowners rootless or homeless.  Other Smith contributors are Rolls-Royce North America,American Bankers Association,General Atomics (the risky and hazardous nuclear energy industry, again), Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and an assortment of individual contributors of whom basically comprise of billionaires and practically any other than average citizens.

[revised on 4/26/14]

Commoner is 99% certain that the 2004 G.O.P. primary election was stolen from Mark Greene and handed to a political novice. Help us s…

Being Plutocratic

Remember when a political novice in South Carolina won the Democratic nomination for senator in that state in 2010, and practically everybody in the Democratic Party political establishment got their dandruff up, especially Rep. Jim Clyburn from S.C., who is in the Democratic Party hierarchy in the House of Representatives.  See our Almanac post about that event in the immediate aftermath, entitled "Jumping to Conclusions in Carolina."  Just about the entirety of the discussion about that primary election was whether there was some kind of voter fraud or vote tabulation error, so naturally when a non-establishment candidate wins an election, then all of sudden there is a discussion in the media about stolen elections and fraud.  Clyburn smugly questioned how someone like the particular black man that won the election, who incidentally didn't get Clyburn's blessing to run for statewide office in S.C., could get ahold of the $10,000 that was necessary to file for the …

The Media and Political Elections

We had wanted to write about Adam Smith's campaign finances today, but Commoner is having trouble getting onto the F.E.C. website at the moment, so the subject today is the media and the coming campaign for Congress in the 9th District.  Do not expect fairness in regards to challenger campaigns to Smith.  The Seattle Times in particular has a history of unfairness to candidates that don't have the backing of corporate paymasters or powerful political lobbies.  Some of the "alternative" media in the Seattle area are no better.  The mere backing of candidates by significant portions of the electorate, such as more than 90,000 votes for Mark Greene for Director of Elections, is of no significance to large portions of the media, and the power of these biased institutions to effect elections is still huge, but less so in the internet era.  People who still depend on the institutional media for most of their news should consider why omissions are made, such as the non-cov…

Yulia's Comeback

Ukrainian political leader and former premier, Yulia Tymoshenko, was released from prison a couple of months ago after the Maidan uprising and the ouster of Yanukovich, and is now one of two lead contenders for President of Ukraine.  Even though she is going against an oligarch with little or no political experience, Tymoshenko is not considered the favorite in this race, but she has the political skills, bravado and steely determination to pull out a victory on May 25.  Don't bet against Tymoshenko despite the odds, as she is already this year's comeback person of the year.

Related post: "Freedom Amongst Crises" on our Common Ground blog.

Rep. Adam Smith's Connections

From now until filing week, Commoner will be writing about Rep. Adam's Smith's connections to America's oligarchy here on Commoner and on our Eye on Congress blog.  We will be perusing the Federal Election Commission's website with regularity trying to figure out who of the richest of the rich are giving Smith money, and which corporations are supporting him.  Remember, Smith voted for the Wall Street bail-outs, despite that most average citizens here in the 9th District of Washington and America at large were against them.  As you know, the financial crisis of October, 2008 brought about this plan by the oligarchy, the Bush II White House, and majorities in Congress to bail out the banks and investment companies that had bamboozled commoners with or getting mortgages.  Thereby, these bankers and financiers enriched themselves in a variety of illegal or shady ways, such as giving themselves and their executives million and multi-million dollar bonuses before and after …

Why Was the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago Looking at the '04 Ninth District Primary in Washington?

The 9th District of Washington is half of a continent away from Chicago, Illinois, but several years ago, in 2010 or 2011, or both, Commoner believes that the office of the United States Attorney in Chicago was looking at the aftermath of the mysterious '04 9th District G.O.P. primary in Washington state.  An election that was stolen from the actual winner, Mark Greene, and handed to Paul Lord.  Why would this office, far outside the Western Washington Court jurisdiction, be conducting an investigation, if that's what it was, into the '04 primary?  United States attorneys are hardly known for worrying or caring about election fraud in general, let alone a little primary in another state in which neither of the candidates were given much of a chance to defeat the incumbent, Rep. Adam Smith, and had no real backing from the state or national Republican party (Lord had token backing from the state Republican party).  This is another question that is being posed about that pri…

Why the Press Ignores Election Fraud

There is much hand-wringing in Washington, D.C., lately, about apparent wrongdoing and law breaking by various intelligence agencies. Also, during the Bush and Obama eras, the N.S.A. and, no doubt, others in the intelligence apparatus went outside the bounds of the U.S. Constitution to spy on law-abiding, American-born citizens doing nothing to attract attention other than expressing dissent about government actions, or politically opposing particular administrations.  So if these agencies can so blithely ignore laws with relative immunity, who is to say that they were not behind at least some, if not most, of the electoral irregularities that have been rumored about in the last 10 years?  The mainstream press rarely mentions or makes a big deal about election fraud in the United States despite consistent rumors and evidence of the fact of it, and the reason for this negligence is that the press, which after all is a cog of the corporate machine, realizes that the whole concept of bei…

The Corrupt Supreme Court

The Roberts Court, which had already been roundly criticized and condemned for their Citizens United decision that opened the floodgates to devaluating the already weak federal and state election finance laws, just doubled down on their ineptitude, and contempt for democracy this week with a similar decision, and finished the job of letting America's oligarchy have all but complete control of the government.  In other words, 5 of 9 judges on the Court, Roberts, Kennedy, Scalia, Thomas and Alito just told the common public that they don't care whether anybody likes that their decision pretty much enshrines fascism in the United States, or that their activist "law-making" goes hypocritically against the strict constructionism that this so-called conservative wing of the Court were once reputed to have endorsed.  It was only a few days ago that some billionaire Nevadan had high profile Republican contenders for president groveling at his feet, an…

The New Elections

As usual, the 9th Congressional District of Washington will likely have several challengers to Congressman Adam Smith, but none of them have worked harder than me to qualify for the General Election, as August's Top 2 Primary will decide.  I don't sit in offices reading polls or making commercials on TV, nor do corporatists send me money that would enable me to do that.  After all, I am the candidate of the common woman and man.  Other than during the Thanksgiving Day to Christmas season and most of the winter, I actually get out amongst the people nearly every single day, shake hands and campaign.  The people actually know me from seeing me in person in the 9th Congressional District, and come August they are going to select me as the challenger to Adam Smith.  I haven't decided exactly what party name I will run under, but it will have the word "Commons" in it, which has a double entendre meaning: namely, those institutions and infrastructures of society in whi…

Washington Reeling From Natural Disaster

The landslide (mudslide) that hit Snohomish County in Washington state one week ago to this date is one of the worst natural disasters in our state's history and the worst in the nation this year.  Thus far, at least 18 people have perished and many more are missing.   Our sympathy for the families of the deceased, and gratitude to those helping in the relief and recovery efforts.  This has been a great loss to Washington and the nation.

If you can, please, help survivors with donations to the American Red Cross and other legitimate relief agencies.

[revised and updated on 3/30/14]

Initiative 1338 Is Going Simple

The new GMO labeling initiative in Washington state needs more volunteers as soon as possible, and it's going simple.  500 individuals and organizations are needed to commit to getting 500 signatures apiece.  500 for 500.  It's that simple.  The other 50 to 70 thousand signatures that would be needed will fall into place if "500 for 500" succeeds.  So if you or your group can be that individual or organization that could be one of the 500, please, write as soon as possible through the 1338 website, as follows:

Commoner is 99% certain that the 2004 G.O.P. primary election was stolen from Mark Greene and handed to a political novice. Help us solve the mystery of "The Other Curious Election of 2004" (WA 9th Congressional District U.S. Rep. primary) by contacting real journalists and asking them to look into it, and writing or calling the U.S. Attorney for Western Washington, Jenny Durkan, and requesting that she make public all…

Lazy Journalism

At least before the Malaysian Airlines mystery became prominent, MSNBC had been focusing on Governor Chris Christie and New Jersey government misdeeds with laser beam focus, and all that is very well, because crime by high officials needs to be reported on.  However, this cable station that sometimes does special profiles on long ago government conspiracies and crimes, such as the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq, might want to save some of that New Jersey-style investigative zeal to look at the year 2004 in particular and the various election mysteries and probable election crimes that all seemed to coalesce that year.  Maybe, even take a look at controversial election results in general, including years subsequent to '04.  Crooks deciding who should wield the reins of government instead of "We the People."  Guess that's too boring of a subject for the lazy, sycophantic press to be bothered with.

[revised on 3/28/14]

Commoner is 99% certain that the 2004 G.O.P. prima…

Blog News LXXIV

The previous post, "Rep. Adam Smith's Political Trickery," has been revised.
The Stolen Election
Now, that the filing period for Congress is only weeks away, we must continue to bring up the matter of the Stolen Ninth District G.O.P. Primary Election of 2004, in which it is very probable that criminal, anti-democracy outsiders (possibly rogue elements from within the government's intelligence apparatus, but we have continually stressed that Adam Smith was not involved) changed the results through remote control and handed the election to Paul Lord, a political novice.  Commoner suspects that Mark Greene's criticism of the sitting president at that time, George W. Bush, was the motive behind the theft.  Another motive may have been to conduct a test run for manipulating the 2004 presidential election.  Help us solve the mystery of "The Other Curious Election of 2004" by contacting real journalists (in other words, don't bother with the Seattle Times)…

Rep. Adam Smith's Political Trickery

Of course, the corrupt corporate news media, that didn't tell readers or listeners a word about the 2011 King County Director of Elections race, isn't going to say anything about Rep. Adam Smith's hypocrisy in sponsoring a bill against indefinite detention of American citizens even though he was one of the majority in Congress that voted, in 2011, FOR the proviso in the National Defense Authorization Act that authorizes indefinite detention of Americans and others without lawyers, trials or anything else.  Despite the Constitution that says this is forbidden, they effectively wrote into the legal code that persons can just be disappeared, now, similar to Argentina disappearing people a few decades ago, especially political opponents and dissidents.  Even so-called Banana Republics are better at subtlety.

Now, Smith, a few years after his vote against the Bill of Rights, is suddenly for the Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus, and the United States Constitution.  Smith knows very w…

Fewer Posts on Blogs Until Filing Period Passes

The Commons Party is busily trying to get Mark Greene on the ballot for Congress in the 9th Congressional District, with signatures, between now and mid-May, the filing period for candidates for just about all offices in Washington state.  Not only that, but still trying to push one of the handful of GMO labeling initiatives or propositions in the country, through Initiative 1338.  Therefore, there is not a lot of time to write on these blogs, so the posts on Commoner and our other blogs will be sporadic, at best, until mid-May. 

We don't even have time to worry about what Rep. Adam Smith is doing between now and then, though we are doing are best to keep abreast of how he's mishandling the affairs of our nation, such as making sure that the N.S.A. has an even stronger boot on the necks of law-abiding citizens going about their lawful activities, or trying to undercut the pensions of U.S. Armed Forces veterans.  If Smith wants to balance the budget, he should try to stop tax…