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Yulia and Them

 Yulia Tymoshenko, the Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine, had a chance to escape from her persecutors when they let her travel out of the country for a meeting with European political officials in Western Europe earlier this year. They were probably hoping that she would not return, which would have relieved them of the major political opposition to their rule. Tymoshenko returned to face the music, however, despite the fact that she, herself, has called the proceedings against her a "kangaroo court." This is the same courageous leader that led the Orange Revolution against a rigged presidential election, although ironically, years later, the major beneficiary of the Orange Revolution, Viktor Yushchenko, was so immersed with his own invective, and apparently discouraged by his own unpopularity, that he turned against Tymoshenko and indirectly assisted the opponents of what came to be intra-rival divisions within the Orange coalition; all this, amazingly, despite the fact that…

Kangaroo Trial in Kiev

Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko, courageously facing her courtroom tribulations in Kiev, Ukraine, is currently undergoing what is commonly called a Kangaroo Trial, or in other words, a so-called trial where the outcome is already established or preconfigured. Meanwhile, in America, under the dictates of Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, et al., if the case is about a commoner challenging a corporation, or vice-versa, the corporation will win virtually every time in the U.S. Supreme Court, such as in the bizarre generic medical drug case ruling of several days ago. Kangaroo there, kangaroo here.

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News Blockades

Are there any real journalists in the Seattle area who will step up to the plate and break the corporate news/sycophantic slick blogs blockade regarding the director of elections election in King County?

Speaking of news blockades, "journalists," these days, rather spend time on all sorts of fluff rather than the central crisis of our time, the environment:

After all, it's beginning to look like "the environment" is about to make all our other problems look tame in comparison: rickety, old nuclear power plants; nuclear power plant radioative waste just sitting in plants with no good place to put it; the Japan nuclear crisis overall & the effect on the oceans and Earth's ecosystem; Southern and Midwestern power plants being negatively affected by tornadoes and floods; Western plants possibly being affected by earthquakes; the global warming crisis and the political fingers-in-the-ears response; landfill and waste overload problems; ridiculous mountaintop…

Mark Meets the League

Yesterday, in downtown Seattle, under friendly though sometimes tense questioning and interrogation by the King County Municipal League for the second time in his career (the first was in Renton when Mark ran for King Co. Council in 2009), Mark Greene held up well under pressure and handled himself with diplomatic aplomb as he fielded numerous questions about his candidacy for director of elections from about a dozen or so league members. Afterwards, Mark traveled to his eastside stronghold to campaign while the long summer day shone its light until a couple hours before midnight. The campaign is expected to organize volunteers from Seattle proper, soon, to help him garner the 35% of the Seattle vote that he will need from the city in the general election. Mark expects to get 70% of the eastern King County vote, and to break even in southern King County and elsewhere outside of the aforementioned areas.

If possible, please, consider contributing to campaign (see disclaimer below b…

Persecution of Tymoshenko

Quite amazing developments in the world, circa 2010, while U.S. politicians and officials such as Bush II, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others enjoy de facto immunity for committing some of the worst crimes in American history, involving war, torture and otherwise flagrantly violating the Constitution, as conversely, by 180 degrees, in regards to both the alleged crimes and prosecutory discretion, Ukrainian authorities are prosecuting former Ukrainian Prime Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, for past political decisions of a fairly arcane nature involving financial decisions. It should be noted that Tymoshenko is the current opposition leader. This looks similar to former Egyptian president/dictator, Mubarak, putting the politician who had the audacity to run against him for president in prison on charges of some rather arcane election law violation. This is an interesting contrast between the United States and Ukraine, politics as usual in both cases, just different styles of bamboozlement.