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We have noticed a paucity of comments on this blog and our other blogs (all of which can be seen on the profile page; the link is directly under the "About Me" paragraph), but we welcome comments, which on most or all of our blogs must be approved for posting. Of course, you don't have to agree with "Commons's" point of view about matters, but all comments should be civil and relate to the subject at hand. We hope to see an increase in the number of comments in the coming weeks. Thank you for reading "Commoner." Please, help us with our political research activities by sending $10 to the address below:

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Democracy's Biggest Hurdle

The powerful corporate mainstream news media (CMNM) in the United States of America remains democracy's biggest hurdle. The CMNM has continually undermined democracy and representative government by their one-sided presentation of the news and political matters, outright propaganda, and dubious distortions or omissions of facts. Elections in America have been unfair for a very long time, because the CMNM only covers candidates that are useful to them, or they misrepresent certain candidates they don't like through various methods of bias and obfuscation.

Elections in the U.S. are, by and large, controlled by the corporate behemoth, which uses the CMNM for their practically exclusive electoral ratification processes. Alternative political parties and independent candidates have almost no chance against the status quo-admiring CMNM unless the number of people supporting alternative parties becomes considerably larger. Elections laws are uniformly unfair against poor candida…

Blog News XXVII

Former president Jimmy Carter reportedly apologized to the Jewish community for any insensitivity that he has displayed in the past. Carter has made a plea for forgiveness through a special prayer.

Mark Greene has posted a poem on "The Political Playwright," in which he wrote years ago, in honor of the memory of Anne Frank (1929 - 1945), one of the great memoirists of the 20th century and all time, and a victim of the Holocaust.

Mark (writing under his first name, Clifford) wrote his first publication ever in a Nov., 1975 edition of the Lincoln Star (Lincoln, Nebraska) in which he tried to come to a better understanding of the complications of the Middle East.

The Political Playwright:
(can also be seen by clicking on the title link, above)

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Blog News XXVI

Turn: (can also be seen by clicking on the title link, above): the chairman of the Party of Commons neither bows nor curtsys to glorified politicians turned self-proclaimed or implied "leaders" of a race of people.

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Uncle Sam Taunts "Commons"

Once again, "Commons" is having difficulty using our electronic means of communication, spies taunting "Commons" are coming out of the woodwork, and Authoritarian America, with the corporate behemoth at its side, is increasingly gaining power in the halls of government at the expense of commoners everywhere. Help "Commons" in our bid to bring more commoners into politics, especially as elected legislators and representatives (through our candidate training programs and overall electoral strategies). The chairman's illness this season has slowed our momentum, but you can help us get back into stride with a contribution of fifty dollars. Please, send $50 to the Party of Commons, P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009.

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Blog News XXV

The United States Senate gives a stick to the poor.

Chairman Mark Greene has been ill, but he is hoping to make a full recovery, soon. Speaking of illness, the Senate version of the health care reform legislation is utterly ridiculous, and a feather in the cap for the dubious private health care insurers that caused the health care crisis in the first place. "Commons" supports the House version that has a public option, but the Senate version is deplorable. If the Senate version is the best that this "Democratic"-controlled Congress can come up with, then we are better off with no bill whatsoever. The Senate bill would only empower the already too powerful private health insurers. This bill is a sham that would either force the uninsured onto the private insurers' rolls or face penalties (a stick for the poor). We have been saying all along that the Republicans and the Democrats are two sides of the same coin, the Senate version of the health care bill proves…

Come Home, America!

Probably, the most interesting news this autumn (even though you couldn't tell by the reaction of the corporate mainstream news media), though hardly a new revelation, was the recent Senate investigation about the Tora Bora campaign in the mountains of Afghanistan, where the arch-terrorist OBL and his cohorts were cornered by the U.S. military in late 2001, but they managed to get away anyway.

Now, with the Senate investigation apparently passed, all the suspicions and doubts about that campaign are a little less murky, and it's fairly obvious that the Bush regime didn't really want to catch OBL despite all their bravado-type talk, because capturing OBL would have constrained their plans to invade Iraq. Bush and his defense secretary at the time (Rumsfeld) did not call in military reinforcements at Tora Bora, though it seemed quite logical to do just that.

Now, that that information seems increasingly more clear, it makes you wonder about the government's credibility re…

Blog News XXIV

"The Saga of a Politician: Montreal, Poland and the World" (title changed somewhat) is now on our blog called "The Political Playwright," where the saga will be written throughout several parts.

This saga includes Mark's interview with the F.B.I. in 1974 and the following points of interest:

* Mark's lone trip to the city of Montreal and his "discovery" of the world outside Anglo North America.

* Mark joins the foray of politics as a candidate for the first time.

* The statesman travels the world at the turn of the millennium: the last big stop on Mark's international world sojourn to date: Poland.

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The Political Playwright: (can also be seen by clicking on the title link, above)

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The Education of a Politician

In 1964, while Barack Obama was probably learning his ABC's in Hawaii, Mark Greene, as a Catholic school grade schooler in Detroit, was busy corresponding with the White House, writing a speech, and receiving accolades from a top Johnson White House assistant. Mark didn't waste a lot of time with Archie & Veronica comic books, he was too busy writing presidents, studying encyclopedias and reading "Newsweek" and "Life." While his peers were watching shows like "My Three Sons," "Dennis the Menace," "Ozzie & Harriet," "The Donna Reed Show," and "The Patty Duke Show," Mark was busy watching "Walter Cronkite" and "Meet the Press."

Mark had little time for foolishness, as he had an innate awareness that he would one day assume a leadership role in politics. From the beginning, the nuns said this boy was studious and serious, though sometimes a bit of a comedian. Mark read many passages…

Mark's Financial Site is Up and Running

The financial website for Mark Greene's Secretary of State campaign for 2012 is up and running. Supporters of Mark and "Commons" will now have easy on-line access to contribute money for this campaign. Mark's campaign is beginning to take on an aura of competitiveness that will at least bring him through the "Top 2" primary. Mark has been an ardent supporter of the "Top 2" primary system which, along with its other attributes, allows voters to vote for any candidate for a particular position regardless of that candidate's party or independent status. One of "Commons's" affiliate committees helped to put the "Top 2" primary initiative on the ballot.

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Mark's Financial/Contribution Website: can be seen by clicking on the title link, above.

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"Commons's" Youth Governance Movement

Update (May 14, 2012): The country of Austria is at least one country in the world that allows the vote for citizens as young as 16 years of age. Hopefully, the State of Washington will follow and lead the way for America to get high school students more interested in civics and politics.

Across the State of Washington, the word is starting to get out that the Party of Commons is the political party most sympathetic to the participation of the young in the governance of the state and the nation. As far as we know, "Commons" is the only party that is advocating for the lowering of the legal voting age to 16. This will ensure more interest by teenagers in politics, government and democracy. If this interest in politics is started or rejuvenated in high school, this will surely bring about a growing interest in politics among adults in future years. Our "Summer of '10" Campaign is currently recruiting candidates among the 18 - 29 age group, among other older age g…

Sheriff's Election Runner-up

The election has been certified, the King County Elections Dept. has not revealed the write-in votes for sheriff in detail, which was the only county jurisdictional race to have a write-in vote count as high as 3%, but there is little doubt that Mark Greene is the runner-up in King County with either the plurality or the majority of the write-in vote. There was little chance of Mark winning as long as the powerful corporate mainstream news media kept election news hidden from the public, but the chairman received thousands of votes regardless of the media.

Party of Commons Website: (can also be seen by clicking on the title link, above)

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Blog News XXIII

Northern Pacific Report: (can also be seen by clicking on the title link, above)

"Commons" extends condolence to the families of Lakewood, WA police officers.

The Political Playwright:

Chairman to write a book or play in honor of his late mother, who also, along with William Jennings Bryan, is in the Party of Commons's Hall of Fame.

Book by Naomi Wolf: Think we're paranoid? Read the book by Naomi Wolf that came out last year: "The End of America" (

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"Journalistic" Backwater

The - failed newspaper turned into second-rate "news" website - is somewhat popular in Seattle, but a very biased so-called news site that poses as journalism. Not only have they practically not reported on "Commons's" campaigns and probably other political campaigns that are not politically attuned to their biases, they are practicers of censorship. Along with other particularly dubious publications in the Puget Sound area, they have become a non-objective and non-progressive backwater for ultra-liberals. It's a shame that a name, Post-Intelligencer, that has had a long history in Seattle, has come to being anything but what they have nominally been in the past, an independent news source.

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"Commons" May Become More Wary of Endorsing

As a small political party which does not have anywhere near sufficient numbers to field candidates for every major political position even in one state, the Party of Commons has resorted to endorsing non-"Commons" political candidates to make it known whom we would prefer, among the eligible candidates, to be in office. Our non-"Commons" endorsements are really just a choice between what's available, not necessarily a strong affirmation of a particular candidate.

Many candidates whom we endorsed in the past, Barack Obama for example, we would vote out at the first opportunity if someone better came along. As for Obama (whom we seriously considered only for the general election), it was really between him and John McCain, which meant, opposite McCain, a candidate would have had to have been completely off-the-wall not to favor him or her. Even under those stark choices, we said vote for Ralph Nader or one of the minor party candidates in the all-but-decided s…

Policy Differences Between "Commons" and Reed

(This essay shows a major revision in the first paragraph on 11-21-09.)

Mark Greene, the Party of Commons's candidate for Washington Secretary of State in 2012, differs with the current Secretary, Sam Reed, on the policy of turning over petition names to the public. Reed wants the public to have access to petition signers and the information they put on petitions. Mark, however, believes that petitions should be private information between signers, petitioners and the government. "Commons" would go along with a redacted electronic format only upon request from any registered voter and shown only at a government site, as long as signatures, surnames and addresses were not shown. This would at least be verification of the number of people who signed the petition. Reed's make-everything-available position lessens privacy rights and would make people less inclined to sign petitions, making the varied petition processes even more difficult than what they already are.


Creepy Experiments Trying to Resurrect Dinosaurs

The dinosaurs of a very long ago planet Earth had a long lifeline, and human beings have a long way to go to match their longevity, so let the dinosaur era pass without further ado. However, there are some scientists, archaeologists and anthropologists, as those shown on the "60 Minutes" TV program, today, who are strangely trying to resurrect dinosaurs by trying to extract very ancient dinosaur DNA, thereby hoping to produce dinosaur offspring through gene manipulation. As if with all the problems the world has as it is, we needed a new age of dinosaurs.

They are also playing around with birds, trying to create hybrid dinosaur/birds. These aren't the only scientists trying to play God, there are no doubt tens of thousands of harebrained schemes being incubated in laboratories around the world that could be the greatest of follies if any of them ever succeeded beyond their creator's wildest dreams. Just because human beings that call themselves scientists can scie…

Summer of '10 Campaign

The Party of Commons is presently organizing our "Summer of '10" campaign for the elections for the Washington Legislature next year, 2010. We are recruiting candidates to run for the Legislature, trying to get a candidate for at least one legislative office of three total in each of the 49 districts of the Legislature. It's a tall task and will be quite difficult to accomplish, but if we succeed, "Commons" will suddenly be known as the number one alternative political party in the state of Washington, and thereby establishing a foothold on our way to becoming the number one alternative party in America.

In the coming months, "Commons" will be going all out to publicize this effort. Interested candidates should be citizens of the U.S. and Washington state, at least 18 years old ("Commons" is especially emphasizing younger candidates to bring about a more representative demographic in the Legislature), willing to commit yourself to payin…

Blog News XXII

A salute to our nation's service veterans on this Veterans' Day!

The Party of Commons will not be posting much for the next week as we are retooling our internet service. By the 19th of November, however, we should be posting at our usual every-other-day-or-so pace. In the meantime, please, take this opportunity to check our other blogs, of which a full listing can be seen by clicking on the profile link further below (just under the ABOUT ME section).

Also, remember Mark's consultant service (political - paralegal - literary) as he needs business to keep the Party of Commons financially afloat.

Contributions to the Party of Commons can be made to P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009. Thank you!

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Rahr Wins, Though Write-in Vote Highest in Sheriff's Race

With a major assist from the corporate mainstream news media and nameless tech saboteurs not yet caught by the F.B.I., Sue Rahr has won the election for sheriff. The only point of interest is that the vote tally for write-in votes for sheriff is the only one over 2% among all county jurisdictional races, thereby the highest write-in vote total for those races in King County. Mark could have made this a race, but neither he nor "Commons" in general expected the CMNM to absolutely ignore the race.

"Commons" will be concentrating on the 2010 state legislature races in Washington state and we're busily recruiting candidates for those positions. Mark is a candidate for Secretary of State, only.

The result of this election will not affect the Greene v. Huff case as far as mootness is concerned, because of the "capable of repetition, yet evading review" standard set in case law.

[revised on 11/4/09]

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Corporate Mainstream News Media is Increasingly a Farce

It's a little unbelievable how the corporate mainstream news media managed to get through the entire general election in King County, Washington without saying a single word about the sheriff's election or the court case involving it. Their failure to report is nothing but pure partisan politics in order to keep their representation of the corporate interests that signs their paychecks at the highest possible level. They have become a farce instead of the protector of the constitutional right of free speech that they are supposed to be. The CMNM is an obstacle to democracy. You can be assured, however, that they will continue to have the gall to criticize election practices and so-called government media crackdowns in Iran or Venezuela, and other places that don't curtsy to "Uncle Sam," while ignoring the log in their own eye, to paraphrase a quote from the Redeemer in the Sermon on the Mount (Book of Matthew, 7:3-5).

At least they have to have crackdowns abroad…

Blog News XXI

The Party of Commons expresses condolence to deceased Seattle police officer's family in our Northern Pacific Report blog.

[revised on 11/2/09]

Northern Pacific Report: (can also be seen by clicking on title link, above.)

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Mark's Exploratory Campaign

Though still in the running for sheriff, Mark Greene started an exploratory campaign earlier in this autumn for secretary of state - 2012 as he realizes the sheriff's campaign is a long shot. Please, contribute whatever you can to the secretary of state campaign by sending a check to the address, below. For an idea of how Mark would run the secretary of state's office, please, see "Mark's Secretary of State Report" from 2008 in our "Turn" blog. Thank you.

Mark just happened to see Susan Hutchison in eastside King County, yesterday, campaigning on a street corner. Mark shook her hand as Hutchison apparently recognized the commoner and said she was glad to meet him. The race for county executive will probably be close enough that the winner will not be decided until after election day, so it's anybody's guess who will win.

Turn: (can also be seen by clicking on title link, above)

Mark Greene for Secr…

Down to the Wire

The write-in Mark Greene for sheriff campaign is down to the wire. "Commons" has spread the word about Mark's campaign on a daily basis, but the corporate media shutout has hurt the campaign. Practically no other prominent politician in the community would be treated this shabbily by the media; yet, it has to be considered that Mark and "Commons" don't represent corporate interests like mainstream politicians do. We are still trying to get votes from several thousand voters who have not mailed in their ballots yet, and our supporters can be assured that "Commons" never concedes an election until the vast majority of ballots are counted.

Southern Northwest Commons: (can also be seen by clicking on title link, above)

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The 2nd Gilded Age

The Wall Street barons, the Bush II and Obama administrations were linked together, through the chicanery of Bush's last treasury secretary and Obama's officials, Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner, with their financial bailouts for Wall Street, to make these already ostentatiously rich "Wall Street" people even richer. It is by sheer gall and flim flam that they even contemplated such an uproarious scheme, let alone carry it out, to deceive Commoner & Middle America that it was for the benefit of commoners and middle class Americans. In this second Gilded Age, millions of Americans are being foreclosed from their homes, going bankrupt, losing their jobs and going homeless while a handful of people get trillions of dollars, much of which has been parlayed for their personal wealth. Why the American people do not toss out this worthless Congress, that went along with these policies, en masse with congressional elections every two years is beyond us, especially wh…

A Dozen Days Til Election

The active campaigning for the write-in Mark Greene for sheriff campaign has started again. Leafleting, speaking tours, hand-shaking and generally getting the word out about the campaign in Seattle and King County suburbs is underway. Yesterday, Mark filed a motion in court to ensure the counting of all write-in votes in the sheriff's election. If you would like to volunteer or make a small donation to the write-in campaign, please, send donation and inquiries to the following postal address and e-mail address, respectively:

Mark Greene for Sheriff Committee
P.O. Box 612
Bellevue, WA 98009

Southern Northwest Commons: (can also be seen by clicking on title link, above)

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Under the Weather

At the worst possible time, during the "Seabiscuit" drive to the election, Mark Greene has been a little "under the weather." Nothing serious, but Mark had to rest up today and delay further the start of the final drive of the write-in campaign for sheriff of King County. Yesterday's expected re-start of active campaigning was also cancelled, because of legal research activities for the court case involving the sheriff's election. The ACLU's refusal to take this case, which would have freed "Commons" from most of the paperwork, has hurt our campaign. Not surprisingly, neither the corporate mainstream news media nor their blogosphere lieutenants have picked up this election story. In fact, the Seattle Times wrote on their Politics Northwest blog that Sue Rahr is unopposed - a falsehood.

Incidentally, last Saturday (Oct. 17), Mark helped catch a dog. While Mark was on foot, a lady, while driving with a young, grade-school-aged boy, presumably he…

Government of the People (King County)

The "Seabiscuit" drive to the election!

The write-in Mark Greene for sheriff campaign is about to enter a new stage, holding rallies in various King County towns and cities, especially Seattle. We will have to delay this new phase for one more day - more paperwork, meaning that it will start on October 19th. The economic progressive Party of Commons will be front and center campaigning for Mark. We're not worrying about Constantine & McGinn, anymore, they are steadily walking down the plank called caution and convention. Good luck, but Mark and "Commons" will take a different route: the unapologetic call for progressivism, environmentalism and representing the interests of the people. The masses of King County shall rally the nation!

[revised on 10/21/09]

Southern Northwest Commons: (can also be seen by clicking on title link, above.)

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Rahr's Putdown

Sheriff Sue Rahr's putdown of Dow Constantine begs for a political response by Constantine, but will he just shrug his shoulders? Well, at least it was gracious of Rahr to have a reported "closed-door" session about public safety with Constantine's camp (we don't know or remember if it was before or after Rahr's "non-endorsement" of Hutchison). A nice, little pat on the back for Dow by Rahr. So sweet.

Southern Northwest Commons:

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Constantine and McGinn

They can either do something dramatic or lose just like a long ago, very cautious Democratic presidential nominee.

The polls are not looking good for either Seattle mayoral candidate Mike McGinn or King County Executive candidate Dow Constantine. Both candidates are beginning to look like the hapless Michael Dukakis, the Democratic Party's presidential nominee in 1988. Dukakis ran a conventional, cautious campaign and got beat by Bush I. Constantine and McGinn had better learn from Dukakis' mistake and they don't have a lot of time. What should they do? They should make a joint announcement that they are supporting the Marine veteran, Mark Greene's write-in campaign for King County Sheriff. It would be a little risky, politically; there would be political fallout, and it would probably play right into the hands of Constantine & McGinn. Would Constantine and McGinn actually do that? Doubtful, because both candidates and their advisers look a little too Dukakis-…

Rahr and Hutchison

God bless Seabiscuit! Just when we thought that the write-in Mark Greene for Sheriff campaign might have to settle for no more than possibly changing the election edifice in Washington to a more level playing field for commoners who don't receive big corporate dollars (see previous essays about the "Greene v. Huff" election case in federal court), suddenly Sheriff Sue Rahr decided to openly align herself with one of the candidates for County Executive, the other Sue, Susan Hutchison. This was reported in, today, on their political blog. If this is not an outright endorsement by Rahr for Hutchison, it's practically one, and at least we know where the sheriff candidates stand on the question of who should be the next County Executive. "Commons" has long ago endorsed Dow Constantine for Executive, Hutchison's opponent.

Considering that the news media has chosen not to report about Mark Greene's write-in campaign, the scheduled appearance …

To Rally a Nation

During the Great Depression of the 1930's, President Franklin D. Roosevelt lifted the nation from morass, turmoil and economic failure with lofty speeches, "New Deal" programs and charismatic confidence. Yet, the nation was buoyed by non-political sources as well, such as that by the plucky racehorse named Seabiscuit, the near perrenial also-ran that became a champion. A somewhat unusual looking racehorse that was never given much hope of being anything but a throw-in, Seabiscuit lifted the spirits of millions at a time when the nation needed rallying the most.

It just goes to show how the unexpected, even a horse, can inspire us to our greater instincts, like faith, hope and courage. We may not end up a champion like Seabiscuit, but through our efforts and steadfastness for the sake of good will, liberty and charity, we can rally the nation.

[This type of essay would usually go on our "Senator" blog, but we may leave it here or transfer it to Senator in a few da…

In the Spirit of Seabiscuit

Bogged down by court paperwork, pressured by state powers, ignored by the corporate mainstream news media, hounded by shadowy government elements and all but penniless, the write-in Mark Greene for King County sheriff campaign will need a near miracle to pull off a victory, but in the spirit of the famous great depression-era racehorse, Seabiscuit, Mark's campaign is stubbornly making progress against all odds.

Litigation moves this week may ensure that votes for Mark will be counted by the Elections Department. The campaign is scheduled to start full active campaigning, again, on October 18th; that will give us two full weeks to tie up a victory.

In the spirit of Seabiscuit, please, send a small monetary contribution to this campaign (address below).

Mark Greene for Sheriff Committee: P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009

Southern Northwest Commons: (can also be seen by clicking on title link, above)

Blog News: Two new Party of Commons's blogs:

Write-In Campaign Bogged Down by Paperwork

The write-in Mark Greene for King County Sheriff campaign has been delayed from starting more campaign rallies as a result of case litigation involving Mark's campaign in federal court. The latest rally was the somewhat disappointing Green Parade last month. The paperwork is bogging Mark down as he is working on his own case due to the ACLU not taking it on as requested. Among his several titles, Mark is a paralegal and he has been doing extensive research and general paperwork in working on this landmark case, which not only could make Mark's candidacy official, but might come up with the bonus of making it easier for Washington commoners to run for office in the future. This has affected Mark's active campaigning, of course, but he intends to get back on the campaign trail as much as possible next week. The word-of-mouth communication from the masses about this election has been of tremendous value as the corporate mainstream news media and their blogosphere lieutenants,…

CMNM Receives Their Marching Orders: "Don't Report on Election"

The corporate mainstream news media (CMNM) in Seattle is under pressure from events in the courtroom and under probable instructions from the larger corporate powers to not report about the sheriff's election in King County or the litigation in the federal court involving the election. The CMNM realizes that Mark Greene's write-in campaign for sheriff is already making headway through word-of-mouth communication and the internet, and they are very concerned that the court might rule one of the state election statutes unconstitutional or make some other ruling which would be newsworthy, because then the pressure on them to report on the election, which would be a boon for Mark's write-in effort, would be immense.

Also, see the essay entitled "State Powers" in the Coliseum blog.

Coliseum: http//

Southern Northwest Commons: http// (can also be seen by clicking on title link above).

The Party of Commons does not sponsor or …

Progressives Rallying Around Mark

In a little over a month, the write-in Mark Greene for Sheriff campaign in King County has made amazing progress as economic progressives all over the county rally around Mark. Even while the corporate mainstream news media has ignored the campaign, the news is spreading quickly that there's actually an election for sheriff going on, and word-of-mouth communication about this election in the Puget Sound area is only surpassed by the Seattle mayoral and King County executive contests. Progressives are particularly excited about the possibility of a progressive sheriff - a rarity in the United States of America.

Southern Northwest Commons: (can also be seen by clicking on title link, above.)

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Seattle's Version of "FOX News"

The right wing suburban newspaper publishing company, Sound Publishing, Inc., operating mostly in the Seattle suburbs, has become Seattle's print and on-line version of "FOX news." In other words, essentially a right wing propagandist and demagogic media outlet. Their papers often go under the title and misnomer, "Reporter." During the primary election for King County Council, the paper was practically an arm of Councilman Reagan Dunn's campaign. Sound Publishing, Inc. has no regard whatsoever for electoral fairness in the community and it's really not a newspaper as far as we are concerned; it's basically a Republican campaign sheet in news print. However, like FOX News itself, a lot of people pay attention to them and they are politically significant, but the news should start to get out that this company and their papers are not mainstream news, but right wing, corporatist propaganda.

Southern Northwest Commons: (c…

Mark Drops Bid for U.S. Senate

Still very much a candidate for King County Sheriff, Mark Greene has decided to drop any notion of running for the U.S. Senate in 2010. This announcement probably spells the end of Mark ever running for Congress, whether House or Senate, again. Ever since he was a grade schooler in 1964 and received a commendation that year from the White House for a written speech, Mark Greene seemed a natural to one day enter Congress. He first tried in 1986 and kept trying 4 more times, including the last attempt for which he didn't decide to switch off for a different office, a disqualification from the Senate ballot in 2006, over a petition, which sparked a court battle in Olympia, Washington.

Mark has followed politics from a very young age, listening to speeches by President Dwight Eisenhower while he was in kindergarten and grade school, and intently watching the Nixon-Kennedy debates in 1960. Mark was reading Newsweek while his peers were keeping up with "Archie and Veronica." M…

One Month

The Green Parade did not go well. "Commoners" and our supporters probably received the notice too late to come out in the numbers that we hoped for. Nonetheless, Chairman Mark Greene was at the 3-hour rally in downtown Seattle collecting signatures for his election candidacy petition and explaining his positions to questioners.

There is a little more than a month to the election and the court case has become paramount as Mark trys to get a finding that the Washington "Declaration - Fees and Petitions" election statute that is at the center of the case and the election is unconstitutional. Mark lost a motion for expedited proceedings last week on technical grounds, but he will try again. If the case is expedited and the Court rules in Mark's favor, the corporate mainstream news media will have to talk about it or look unprofessional if they don't. Publicity is the lifeline of a write-in candidacy.

There is basically one month left before the election. One si…

CMNM: Stalling for Time

While the write-in Mark Greene for sheriff campaign is steadily making progress, becoming popular, and possibly about to alter the elections edifice of Washington, the corporate mainstream news media (CMNM) is seemingly doing everything it can to delay news (or not report at all), stalling for time until the November 3rd election, which may keep the masses from becoming informed about the sheriff's race in King County. Unfortunately, this is business as usual for media in America.

Yesterday, Mark received a favorable ruling from the Court as this case in the U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington, is obviously big news, but the CMNM may not want you to know about it since this historic courtroom challenge could make the sheriff's race wide open. Also, don't be surprised if there is not a single word about Saturday's "Green Parade," which could have hundreds participating, in the CMNM.

All of these facts are more than enough reason for supporters …

The Green Parade

The Party of Commons is making its boldest venture yet into the imagination of the public with a Green Parade in the heart of downtown Seattle on September 26, 2009. Green banners and colors will be everywhere as the masses come out in full support for "Commons." We need your full support by showing up and being part of the rally. Please, be sure to bring your green colors for this festival of green!

write-in Mark Greene for Sheriff of King County

Southern Northwest Commons: (can be seen by clicking on title link, above).

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Mark Challenges Statute in Court

Write-in candidate for sheriff, Mark Greene, is challenging the "Declaration - Fees and Petitions" election law of the State of Washington in federal court in his bid to be declared an official candidate for sheriff. Mark has asked the Court to effectively declare the statute unconstitutional. The A.C.L.U. never responded to Mark's effort to get them interested in the case, which may be indicative of their narrow vision of civil liberties; nonetheless, the organization still does a lot of necessary and important work.

Mark, a paralegal, filed the case on his own on the 16th of September. Mark has yet to file a service of summons or to request a waiver thereof to Defendant Sherril Huff, the Director of King County Elections, nor has he given a notice of constitutional question to the state attorney general, all because of court rules; but he expects a summons or a waiver, and the notice, to be accomplished, soon.

Southern Northwest Commons:

Townsfolk Supporting Would-be Sheriff

By simply not responding to Mark's entreaty, the A.C.L.U. spurned Mark Greene in his quest to bring a federal court case against the King County Elections Department regarding the dispute over his election candidacy for sheriff and whether it should be declared official by the department. Mark, a paralegal among his other trades, will file his court case on his own. Mark will need your continued help with the petition and in donations to his write-in campaign, especially with some court costs to consider. Thanks to the townsfolk of King County for supporting Mark's candidacy for sheriff; he couldn't continue his stalwart candidacy without your support. Please, ask for a petition sheet through or send contributions to the following address:

Mark Greene for Sheriff Committee
P.O. Box 612
Bellevue, WA 98009


Read more about the campaign at "Southern Northwest Commons": (can also be seen by clicking on titl…

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Election Official Puts Obstacle in Way of Officialdom

Mark Greene filed for election for sheriff, today, but it's unclear whether his path to having the write-in vote declared official is clear. An Elections Department official said that Mark's election candidacy petition cannot be supplemented by additional signatures if the requisite number of signatures required by the department has not been attained. However, the timeline for turning in a petition is not until November 2nd, plenty of time to turn in extra signatures. In addition, the official said that the petition would not be returned to the candidate if the number of signatures required is not reached.

In other words, this would keep signatures that would be in their possession from being combined with other signatures to reach the requisite number. This policy by the department seems contrary to the standards set by the Secretary of State, Sam Reed, whose office in Olympia allows additional signatures to be turned in within statutory time periods if it is necessary. As …

On Mark's Watch, 4th Amendment & Privacy Rights to be Respected

In our "Big Brother" surveillance society, the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, which bans unreasonable searches and seizures, has been regularly disregarded by authorities, and individual privacy in places where it should be expected has gone by the wayside. Although the use of surveillance cameras in public areas may not necessarily be illegal or unconstitutional, and are indeed necessary in some areas, their use through the broadest spectrum is not healthy in a society that cherishes democracy. Public surveillance technology has its place in certain quarters, but the use of this technology for the purpose of criminalizing some minor misconduct should be dissuaded or very limited. If Mark Greene is elected sheriff, some surveillance cameras or surveillance technology, generally, that may be deemed problematic, intrusive or overbearing will not be used to investigate minor crimes by the sheriff's department. On Mark's watch, the sheriff's department will conc…

King County Residents Sign Petition With Fervor

King County residents have been signing the election candidacy petition of the Mark Greene for Sheriff write-in campaign with fervor. Residents have been telling "Commons" that they were disappointed that there was no election contest for sheriff until now. However, since the Party of Commons saw the need and picked up the slack, the groundswell of support is more than we expected. If supporters of Sue Rahr, by the way, start asking if Mark has any police experience, just tell them that Mark was in the Marines. That's good enough.

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Campaign News Is Spreading Fast

Despite the determination of the corporate mainstream news media and their blogosphere sycophants to keep this story from coming to light, the news of Mark Greene's write-in campaign for sheriff is spreading fast around the county and creating excitement about the possibility of a new sheriff come the beginning of 2010. We never imagined that the internet and old-fashioned word-of-mouth communication could work this quickly, but our supporters are sending e-mail, posting on their sites, talking in coffee shops and building a quick and growing momentum for a write-in campaign that's improving in degree day by day.

Keep up the good work and please ask for a copy or copies of the election candidacy petition to be mailed to you. The sooner we get those signatures in to the Elections Department, the more the mainstream news media will have to give Mark's campaign credence.

Mark Greene for Sheriff Committee
P.O. Box 612
Bellevue, WA 98009


The Party …

Difference Minimal

The word is starting to get out that Obama's "change" slogan during the '08 campaign was some kind of Orwellian sleight of hand. This president's policies doesn't look a whole lot different than his unimpressive (putting it kindly) predecessor. The continuation of Bush Jr.'s misguided policies, the authoritarian outlook, the unlawful surveillance of American dissidents, the build-up of the empire (they're actually building another Vatican-sized embassy overseas), are all there. As for some of you more enlightened Democrats, still think we don't need a strong third political party? Please, see David Swanson's article, "Bush's Third Term?"at "" (can see by clicking on title link, above).

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Blog News XIX

Please, see our "Southern Northwest Commons" blog (click on the title link, above) for the official announcement of the Mark Greene for Sheriff write-in campaign, which was made today, the 1st of September. News about the Marine veteran's campaign will be both on "Southern Northwest Commons" and this main blog, "Commoner."

We will need our supporters to e-mail or write us if they would be willing to sign an election candidacy petition. The sooner the petition is turned into the Elections Department, the better, because that would bring more publicity and interest in Mark's campaign, and increase the likelihood that it would be taken seriously by voters who want choices in elections.

"Commons" e-mail:

Southern Northwest Commons:

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The PI's "Conduct Unbecoming" Series

Even though the internet remnants of the Seattle PI news organization have little to say for it, the Post Intelligencer, nonetheless, did one of the best investigative stories about police corruption in the United States with its "Conduct Unbecoming" series several years ago. Sheriff Sue Rahr was in the middle of that fiasco and it is amazing that she was elected as sheriff in 2005 despite her less than sterling involvement in it. Citizens of King County may want to remember that investigative work by the PI as a new election unfolds (please, see the link below or click on the title link above, where further links to articles can be found).

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Inching Towards a Run

Mark Greene is slowly inching towards the role of the reluctant candidate for sheriff in order to keep the wheels of democracy on track in King County. When it looked liked neither the gotham King County Council nor Sheriff Rahr would face competition in elections this year, the Party of Commons came in almost single-handedly to keep democracy from ebbing away entirely in our section of our increasingly authoritarian nation. A decision on an active run for sheriff as a write-in candidate is still not definite until the certification of the primary ballots on September 2nd, but Mark is getting the procedural paperwork, websites, and campaign apparatus ready just in case the decision is affirmative. In a throwback to the archetypical lonely sheriff of yesteryear, Mark and the Party of Commons, without fanfare, have in the electoral sense, taken on the role of defenders of democracy.

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I-432 Is Important

Initiative 432, if enacted, would give common citizens a better opportunity to gain leadership positions in government and it would make uncontested elections far less likely; uncontested in the sense that only one person's name is on the ballot, usually the incumbent. Mark Greene and the Party of Commons unfortunately are not making much progress, with only 4 months left, to get a quarter million signatures to bring this issue to the forefront. We are fighting an image problem, however, because there is a widespread misconception about the word "common," which does not mean unintelligent, or unread, or unsophisticated, a few of several negative stereotypes associated with this word. It means of or relating to the whole community, which gives this word an inclusive meaning.

Therefore, the Party of Commons has an inclusive philosophy and cares about providing for the whole, not just exclusive sections of our society. Although most people, if not all, associate themselve…

Not Likely That Chairman Will Run for Sheriff

Despite Mark Greene's credentials in the legal field and as a former Marine, it is not likely that he will throw his hat in the ring as a write-in candidate for sheriff of King County. Without significant money, such an undertaking could not succeed without the respect of the corporate mainstream news media and their sycophants in the blogosphere, and of course they only respect the go-along, get-along politicos that are a major part of the problem in politics, or the super rich politicians, or those who have managed to get the backing of the wealthy. Not to mention that the chairman has more than he can handle trying to get enough signatures for Initiative 432.

Nonetheless, "Commons" still realizes the importance of contested elections, poor odds or not, and we are trying to get a recruit to take on this challenge of running for sheriff. It wouldn't be an easy task to run as a write-in candidate in a county-wide election as a member of our party, especially consideri…

Marine Veteran

Mark Greene is a veteran of the Marine Corps; he served on active duty from 1972 to 1974. At one point during his Marine tenure, Mark was nominated for meritorious promotion. Mark was honorably discharged in 1975. Presently, Mark is not a candidate for sheriff, but is pursuing his electoral options after an apparent loss for King County Council.

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Same Old Elections Department

Once again, the King County Elections Department has proven to be arrogant and disdainful of common candidates by being uncommunicative and keeping their dismissive and surly attitude towards those that are not incumbents or without big campaign funds. This attitude has been ongoing for years and nothing has changed since the newly established election for director of elections.

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"Commons" to Field Write-In Candidate for Sheriff

Under our philosophy that there should be no uncontested elections, especially for significant offices, the Party of Commons has decided to field a write-in candidate for King County Sheriff in the 2009 general election. For now, we are making preparations, deciding on a candidate to challenge the incumbent, and not saying much else about it. We will probably need a candidacy petition for whoever we select as our candidate, and if there is no general interest in having a contested election, this effort may fail by October 1. That date is a self-imposed deadline as far as determining whether our candidate will officially file as a write-in candidate with the King County Elections office. If the filing could not take place at least by the first seven days in October, we do not think the effort could be taken seriously. We will need registered voters to express interest in this endeavor and sign a candidacy petition.

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No Concession

In the 9th District King County Council primary, as part of the overall King County primary election, reportedly only half the votes are in, approximately. Mark Greene and the Party of Commons do not concede anything based on just half. Since the early numbers don't look promising for this election, however, Mark is busily preparing to make the ballot and campaign for the "Top 2" United States Senate Primary in 2010. Thanks to all the 9th District voters who voted for Mark. These voters will be very important in determining next year's Senate election. Mark could get 10% of the vote in the council primary as the percentage of votes may increase in the later counts. Ten percent for Mark from King County in next year's Senate primary, in which there is likely to be a crowded field, would loom large in qualifying him for the 2010 general election.

Mark and the Party of Commons will downgrade our cooperation with the Seattle Times newspaper and, und…

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The Party of Commons has decided to name Booker T. Washington into our Hall of Fame on Labor Day, this year. We will have a post about this great, influential turn-of-the-20th-Century statesman on or around Labor Day, 2009, in "Senator."

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"Commons" Makes Pre-Primary Campaign Swing

With the election just days away, Mark Greene is on the verge of either placing 1st or 2nd place and qualifying for the general election in the race for Metropolitan King County Council in the 9th District. Although 2nd place would not be an outright victory, it would be a victory nonetheless, because it would keep us in the running, and give us time to overturn the overwhelming advantages of the incumbent, advantages that include money, excessive use of taxpayer funded brochures for ostensible government purposes, and all the other advantages of incumbency that, in virtually all governmental positions, have made practical lifetime tenures practically unchallengeable. However, that doesn't mean that there shouldn't be challenges or that changes to laws to bring about fairer elections, such as publically financed elections, shouldn't be made.

"Commons" is making a concerted pre-primary swing through the 9th District in order to secure the second spot for Mark, and…

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Voting For the New

[post-scripts added]

Every New Year's Eve, the cry goes out around the nation: "Ring out the old, ring in the new!" This year, as the Seattle Times would probably put it, you have a chance to vote for the Party of Commons (the Times, in their editorial endorsing the incumbent, Dunn, said that Mark Greene was running as a Party of Commons candidate). Mark never denied that the election for county council was non-partisan, but he also never denied his new party, or his affiliation to it as founder and chairman. Virtually no non-partisan election in government is without its partisan influences, and you can be sure that the incumbent in this election has the backing of the state Republican party, and in the unlikely event that Dunn finished 3rd in the primary, the Republicans would be backing Harison Tonda in the general. So in a sense, the Times is right and the Party of Commons could become prominent in a general election through the August 18th vote, just on the basis of…

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Common Denominator:


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National Health Care

The Party of Commons has supported a national health care plan in which all citizens would have access to affordable health insurance since our inception on November 23, 2006. We are now going on record as supporting a public option health insurance plan in which the government would compete with private insurers for health coverage. The private insurance program as presently constituted is unaffordable to many Americans and has many flaws, including a avaricious profit motive that has undermined the very health of the insured that should be the primary objective of any health plan. The high cost of these private plans leaves millions of Americans, especially the unemployed, the self-employed, or those employed with small businesses, completely uninsured. The health care business is very complicated, and with our focus on helping Mark Greene win the 9th District council seat on the Metropolitan King County Council, we have not been following the varying plans in Congress as closely as…

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I-432 Gets Boost

Initiative to the Washington Legislature, no. 432, has received a new boost with unexpected help from an influential source. This initiative, if made law, would make it easier for common citizens to run for public office by lowering signature requirements for election candidacy petitions in which the candidate does not have the economic wherewithal to pay the filing fee. One example would be a person who wants to run for the United States House of Representatives: if that potential candidate cannot pay the approximate one thousand seven hundred dollars for the filing fee, then, under our initiative, he or she would need only 200 signatures on an election candidacy petition from registered voters in the district that he or she is running in. Candidates for statewide office would need 500 signatures. Candidates for local positions, generally, would need 50 signatures. One improvement from this initiative would be less uncontested races on the ballot in which there is only one candidate&…

Errors and Humor ...

... and the serious business of government.

If somebody is looking for a drab and dour political party, the Party of Commons will not be the place to find it. Even in the serious field of politics & government, we like to have a little fun every now and then, but only in a wholesome way. By the way, in this age of new communication, it's not hard to make some faux pas or inadvertent missteps with all the writing we do on blogs, websites, or through commenting, but we can only correct the errors on sites we control, so our apology to anyone who might be offended by our sense of humor or mistakes we make.

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All Three Competitors Pass Municipal League Interview

Mark Greene, Reagan Dunn, and Beverly Harison Tonda have all passed the interview rating process of the Municipal League of King County. This is an extra boost for Mark's campaign, because naturally, not being an already in place incumbent, like Dunn, would be a little less advantageous as it relates to the knowledge of council issues and other factors that the Municipal League takes into consideration. Dunn was initially appointed to the council, but was later elected in his own right as the Republican intelligentsia and the corporate establishment backed him to the hilt, and he and Rob McKenna, the Washington Attorney General, have since been regarded as princes by the state Republican Party. McKenna has endorsed Dunn, and previously endorsed John McCain, and in fact was McCain's presidential campaign honcho in Washington state. According to, McKenna has also called on people to send contributions to Dunn's campaign. McCain-McKenna-Hutchison-Dunn: that sho…

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Running Up the Score

Dunn's campaign signs have started popping up in the 9th council district of King County, so it looks like the Hutchison-Dunn slate is running up the score. Considering that Mr. Dunn's competitors cannot spend more than 5-K apiece on their campaigns, it would be more befitting for the immensely funded incumbent's campaign to wait until after the primary before flouting corporate-affiliated funding. Even though dismayed at this running up of the score, Mark is keeping the faith on the campaign trail, speaking to the masses and showcasing his populist idealism.

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Blog News XIII

New posts, formerly on "Commoner," are published on "Southern Northwest Commons" and "Common Denominator."


COMMON DENOMINATOR: (can also see by clicking on title link, above).

The final push for votes is coming before the August 18th King County Council primary in which mail ballots will be available a few weeks before; please, if affordable, send a $5 donation, and address letter & check to Mark Greene for Council Committee, P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009, so we can buy more campaign material.

For Mark's U.S. Senate campaign, address letter & check to Commoner Local Affairs Campaign Committee at the same address. Thank you!

P.S. - There is a blog archive at the bottom of this page.

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Confirmation of Hutchison-Dunn Slate

We probably overlooked this for a time while doing our political research, but we only now realized that Susan Hutchison has endorsed Mark Greene's main competitor for the King County Council, 9th District seat: Reagan Dunn. So it just confirms our previous speculation about the "Hutchison slate." Whoever becomes Hutchison's opponent in the county executive race through the August 18th primary (she's likely to win a plurality of that vote), will probably have to get around 40% of the vote in the 9th district in order to have a chance of winning the entire county. Mark must receive the votes of almost all of that 40% and draw 15% of the Hutchison voters into his column as well, while at the same time ["Commons"] possibly endorsing whoever Hutchison's competitor is. It would be better for Mark for the likely "Democratic" contestant to get 45% - 50% in the 9th, enabling Mark to have a better chance of receiving a parallel 40%. As for whiche…

Proposed Dept. of Grievances, Solutions and Whistleblowers

The following is an organization chart for King County Council, Dist. 9, candidate Mark Greene's proposal for a new county department, "The Department of Grievances, Solutions and Whistleblowers." Mark's idea may draw unfair criticism about an increased bureaucracy, but actually this proposal would decrease the bureaucracy by consolidating other county sections or departments into this proposed new department, which would be better for overall organization and efficiency. The aggregate savings the county would make from this new department would be in the millions over time and would more than make up for costs associated with starting a new department. Also, for more information regarding this matter, see previous "Commoner" essay entitled, "Mark's 'New Department' Idea," first published on 6/24/09.


Waste & Inefficiency Division: auditing county depts. and handling …

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New post in "Contrarian" (can see by clicking on title link, above):

Bulletin: The Party of Commons has decided not to endorse a candidate in the King County Executive Primary, but we probably will make an endorsement for the general election.

Previous Post: "The Hutchison Slate" (Hutchison-Lambert-Ferguson-Von Reichbauer-Dunn)

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Incumbent's Advantages

How many advantages can one candidate have? With the Sound Publishing Co. or "Reporter" in his back pocket, lots of money from his corporate backers, and taxpayer funded county brochures mailed out consistently in the past year, Reagan Dunn, the incumbent, needs 90% of the vote in the August 18th primary in order to claim a "win."

Meanwhile, the "Times" and the "" continue to look the other way at this council election, following the lead of the community corporate establishment that has not set up any candidate forums at all. They're all pretending there is no election in the 9th council district, that is, until the masses turns the tables on them with an overriding vote for Mark come November.

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Never Mind Politics in Iran

We have touched on this subject before, "Elections and the Media," which can be seen on our "Coliseum" blog, but the more that the sanctimonious Corporate Mainstream News Media (CMNM) huffs and puffs about perceived electoral misdeeds in Iran, the more that they overlook, rather intentionally, electoral misdeeds and crimes in the United States of America. Like federal agents disrupting Party of Commons's communications, and probably the communications of other minor parties and candidates. Like rigged voting machines made by corrupt companies that may be the major factor in fraudulent elections in the United States. Like unfair election laws and rules that persistently keep third party, independent, and poor candidates, by and large, from gaining traction in elections or having the ability to be on the ballot at all. Like partisan election officials around the country working on behalf of their party's candidates in contravention of the law or the spirit o…

Behemoth Befriends Incumbent

As the corporate behemoth, with the aid of the media in the forefront, and sophisticated and wily agents in the background, tries to run away with the election in the ninth council district of King County, thereby making more difficult the ascension of "Commons" in the political realm, "Commons" is trying its best to reach the masses through leafleting, word-of-mouth communication and "Commoner." The chairman asks for your help through word-of-mouth promotion of his campaign for both council and senate, and for your financial contributions so that "Commons" can work for the masses with plenty of electioneering and campaign materials.

Just recently, the "Bellevue Reporter," ran what looked like a specialty article for Reagan Dunn. A neutral observer would have thought that the article was a Dunn campaign release rather than a journalistic article, and since the "Reporter" didn't even mention Dunn's competitors in the up…

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New post in "Contrarian" (can see by clicking on title link, above). Never mind politics in Iran, federal agents interfere in local council election, and to a degree, next year's U.S. senatorial election.

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Independence for All

As a party of non-intervention and basically minding our own business, the Party of Commons thinks that Independence Day is a good day not only to celebrate and think about our nation's relative freedom, which is under severe stress these days, but to think about the right of sovereignty and independence as it relates to all nations, and the basic natural rights of individuals. Which is why it is time for our nation to withdraw troops from foreign countries where we are not bound by treaties or not in declared wars. Since the world actually does need some policing, let it come from a cohesive effort of all nations, paid for by all, in which our nation would play a role as one of many.

On another independence front, it is past time to release from American prisons those non-violent prisoners caught up in draconian sentencing from the so-called war on drugs.

On this Independence holiday, as well, may the Almighty watch over our troops in foreign lands and bring them home safely when…