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Blog News LXVIII

As news about the Connecticut tragedy is just coming in, it is time for the government to institute some kind of assault weapons ban, as "Commons" wrote about yesterday on Common Ground.

Update (Dec. 16, 2012):  On "Meet the Press," the senator from California, Diane Feinstein, said that she is sponsoring a bill to ban assault weapons, but it is not retroactive.  "Commons" supports Feinstein's bill, and there should also be an amendment to her bill for a government offer of a voluntary buyback of assault weapons for roughly market prices.  Congress would, of course, need to appropriate money for such a voluntary buyback.  Diane Feinstein, who once guided San Francisco as mayor under very difficult initial circumstances, is a senator who deserves our support in this particular instance.

Regarding the senseless massacre in Connecticut, our sympathy for the families of the deceased.

[revised on 1/14/2013 after reading a Glenn Greenwald column on the same…