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New Year's Eve Appeal for Money

Hello, Supporters and Voters,

As a lieutenant governor candidate from Washington, I will need your monetary support more than ever, as I cannot win or get by the primary, let alone to think about the general election, without your donations of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. With 91% of the congressional delegation from Washington state, Democrats and Republicans, voting to overturn the Bill of Rights, I will stand firm in defending the Constitution and our constitutional rights, and I will do what I can, elected or unelected, to turn back the recently signed nullification of the Bill of Rights. Please, stand with me and statesmen like Ron Paul in turning back the rollback of our rights that was instituted by the so-called Patriot Act and the aforementioned, very dubious so-called defense provision. I was pleased to learn that musician, Kelly Clarkson, also supports Ron Paul for president as this man has more integrity than all the other congresspersons put together, and I don't belie…

Sno Valley's Objective Journalism

The media is beginning to recognize Mark as a major contender for lieutenant governor.

The Sno Valley Star has mentioned the candidacy of our candidate, Mark Greene, for lieutenant governor of Washington state in an article about another contender, state legislator Glenn Anderson (who is from Fall City). This is a sign that the media is paying attention to the near 100,000 votes that Mark received in the King County elections director election last month, and that that big support has catapulted Mark as a major contender for lieutenant governor. However, the other Washington media just about fell all over themselves when a washed-up former legislator, Bill Finkbeiner, announced he was a candidate a  few weeks ago. You got the feeling that the media, like they generally do, was trying to anoint the two primary qualifiers, including incumbent Brad Owen, eight months ahead of time. Why do we need elections anyway if we have the media telling everybody who the winners are way ahead of tim…